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zhufl b3a9424a68 [doc]Fix inaccurate url links in docs
This is to fix some inaccurate url links in docs.

Change-Id: I7426cf186c0917bd9851f71262d85dd5892f5ea6
3 years ago
Trinh Nguyen 1467df83a6 Clean up docs and specs directories
This patch proposes to clean up unused or redundant docs
as well as moving config-generator to the etc dir

Change-Id: I37d4c4ad1d46ee273575021ca90d5b31121ce9e8
5 years ago
melissaml 9a5aae58da fix a typo in HACKING.rst
Change-Id: I79ce6168a43395fec9af66f77d4a76b69843f73b
5 years ago
melissaml df3f6fc906 Update URLs in documents according to document migration
Change-Id: Ibfdbe43046084f22c8790e08c7380e1ac7260bb9
6 years ago
lingyongxu 083cdbc779 Optimize the link address
Use https instead of http to ensure the safety

Change-Id: I5a3b5e69a20675fca8fa97dc94298b37d35bcfc4
6 years ago
Jenkins e3456649b8 Merge "Optimize the link address" 6 years ago
Saad Zaher ddc9675d87 Update HACKING with how to generate release notes
Change-Id: Ie94d4518d6344f1e5bbfd9ddea0c7d8fba6018f2
6 years ago
yfzhao 7202321ab6 Optimize the link address
Use https instead of http to ensure the safety without containing our
account/password information

Change-Id: I5d39f25529f88537eed7d5a30c94af951e5504d5
6 years ago
Saad Zaher 63a451cd93 Updating README and HACKING files for oslo options
Updating REAMDME and HACKING to allow users to generate sample
config files if needed.

Change-Id: I388271f80d6fc89bbdf20522e9280445a6cbf43a
7 years ago
Saad Zaher 095142c40d Switch freezer-scheduler to oslo.config and oslo.log
switch freezer-scheduler to use oslo.config and
switch from native python logging module to oslo.log
This commit includes:
- using oslo.config for parsing cli and config files options
- using oslo.log instead of native python logging module
- this applied only on freezer-scheduler
Implements: blueprint using-oslo-libs

Change-Id: I92e99c087cb2c2f836770644621f711af597dffc
8 years ago
Fausto Marzi 555f8d48b5 Changed .gitreview .gitignore and added tox.ini
- freezer layout and code is now more
    OpenStack oriented
- .gitreview points to
- few more items are added in .gitignore
- tox.ini is added to be able to succesfully
  py27 and pep8 gate jobs
- Code pep8 style is improved in this commit
- removed HACKING.rst and CHANGES.rst
- Bumped version to 1.0.9

Change-Id: If6dc5f32af83e726bb393017775e068fd2af8c04
9 years ago
Fausto Marzi ef5695c36f Freezer initial commit 9 years ago