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  Dmitry Ilyin b106c0557d Add Simulator class and command 2 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov (warpc) 5a9f87c080 Gracefully stop if tolerance limit exceeded 2 years ago
  Dmitry Shulyak 42c0d2f4b2 Show depployment error message with exact serialized task 4 years ago
  Dmitry Shulyak fa3aa37547 Allow to provide timeout for snapshot generation 4 years ago
  Łukasz Oleś 47f4cbb857 Ignore Vim swap files 4 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 5619ddfca1 * add script for jenkins CI (draft version); 5 years ago
  Vladimir Kuklin a9043798a6 .gitignore 5 years ago
  Vladimir Kuklin 709f1d6019 .gitignore 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 7e1225d5bc Add support of SimpleCov(RCov) coverage analyze. 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 833b0eae55 Feedback fixes: 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 1a000f42f2 [fuel-813] Move provisioning code from naily to astute (full deploy test is success) 5 years ago
  Alexander Pavlenko 20503d05f2 import changes 6 years ago