28 Commits (master)

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  Vladimir Sharshov (warpc) 78830da25b Remove provision using Cobbler profiles (used before 6.1) 2 years ago
  Dmitry Ilyin b106c0557d Add Simulator class and command 2 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov (warpc) 11200d85d8 Fix ActiveSupport dependence 2 years ago
  Dmitry Ilyin baf1d3bb7e Update rspec and fix tests 3 years ago
  Dmitry Teselkin d2e69e6037 Remove requirements versions in ruby spec 3 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov (warpc) b60624ee2c Move from amqp-gem to bunny 3 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov (warpc) 951b2f1e15 Replace Popen4 to Open3 gem 3 years ago
  Dmitry Ilyin a3e5da62af Add hooks to workaround patching bugs 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 6498789c89 Implement consumer cancel notification in astute 4 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov 5c9d8cb355 Support stop provisioning mechanism 5 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov cb1392ee81 Move Naily to Astute 5 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov b02f9d8e05 Update Mcollective client, remove a custom gem source 5 years ago
  Vladimir 34cf0019cb Improve error trace debuging in ssh key generation; 5 years ago
  Vladimir ae026938f2 Promote new Fuel-CLI 5 years ago
  Vladimir ef91b3a510 Update mcollectove-client depends 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 7f43bc544f add yaml examples to gem 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) d17de67810 Add new development dependency - rake 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 21c0b0cb45 Removing unnecessary data 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 7aa7e9c15c Return correct version of mcollective gem 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 3b9c44f3c4 Draft version of provision validations and params deduplications. 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) e58c8cfca6 Early draft version 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 7e1225d5bc Add support of SimpleCov(RCov) coverage analyze. 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 862d96aed1 [FUEL-813] Refactoring and tests for mcollective provision method 5 years ago
  Vladimir Kuklin 6bf2286be9 correct astute.gemspec 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 45ddbfa8bc [FUEL-813] Add provision to CI, tests and small refactoring 5 years ago
  Evgeniy L b554324e0a Add development dependencies 6 years ago
  Alexander Pavlenko 20503d05f2 import changes 6 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov d74ba017ec Current version of Astute and mcagents from product.git repo 6 years ago