Fuel orchestrator
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Team and repository tags

Astute is orchestrator, which is using data about nodes and deployment settings performs two things:

  • provision
  • deploy


OS installation on selected nodes.

Provisioning is done using Cobbler. Astute orchestrator collects data about nodes and creates corresponding Cobbler systems using parameters specified in engine section of provision data. After the systems are created, it connects to Cobbler engine and reboots nodes according to the power management parameters of the node.


OpenStack installation in the desired configuration on the selected nodes.

Astute uses data about nodes and deployment settings and recalculates parameters needed for deployment. Calculated parameters are passed to the nodes being deployed by use of nailyfact MCollective agent that uploads these attributes to /etc/astute.yaml file of the node. Then puppet parses this file using Facter plugin and uploads these facts into puppet. These facts are used during catalog compilation phase by puppet. Finally catalog is executed and Astute orchestrator passes to the next node in deployment sequence. Fuel Library provides puppet modules for Astute.

Using as library

require 'astute'

class ConsoleReporter
  def report(msg)
    puts msg.inspect

reporter = ConsoleReporter.new

orchestrator = Astute::Orchestrator.new(log_parsing=false)

# Add systems to cobbler, reboot and start installation process.
orchestrator.provision(reporter, environment['engine'], environment['nodes'])

# Observation OS installation
orchestrator.watch_provision_progress(reporter, environment['task_uuid'], environment['nodes'])

# Deploy OpenStack
orchestrator.deploy(reporter, environment['task_uuid'], environment['nodes'])

Example of using Astute as library: lib/astute/server/dispatcher.rb

Using as CLI

CLI interface in Astute no longer supported. Please use new Fuel-CLI. More details you can get by link: https://github.com/openstack/fuel-docs/blob/master/pages/user-guide/cli.rst


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