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  OpenDev Sysadmins 9b02c799f9 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Zuul 8ecc5d0a0f Merge "fix tox python3 overrides" 7 months ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 10f4ac744e Add CLI option '--skip-sync' to skip time-sync on specified nodes 8 months ago
  Dennis Dmitriev dba9bd0b15 Allow to disable printing expected runtime errors in SSHAuth 11 months ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 69e893e581 Fix copypasted var name in Environment.snapshot() 11 months ago
  huang.zhiping 58e49ad2b8 fix tox python3 overrides 11 months ago
  Dmitry Tyzhnenko 25d4cc6731 Add virtual bmc 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev e4eaa9a7e2 Restrict libvirt-python version not higher than 4.0.x 1 year ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev b8c6fe45a1 Restrict libvirt-python 4.1.0 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev cce44f4784
Avoid race condition using parallel fuel-devops env manipulations 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 0bd5ce25be
Add 'has_videocard' libvirt node attribute 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tyzhnenko c39a2a996b Add shared backing storage 1 year ago
  Alex Schultz 6847377d9a Ensure networks are running before starting node 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 750d443537
Generate a coverage report at the root of the project 1 year ago
  luke.li e115ef4bd4 Update "indentify" to "identify" in docs 1 year ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 3ac4e8fc7b Add cleanup action 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 887368db3b escape spaces in any type of path for mkdir/rm 1 year ago
  Jenkins e2a7b8c811 Merge "Add dict wrapper" 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 9998c3b49a Minor change to SSH/Subprocess commands logging 1 year ago
  Oleksii Butenko 8e7d469595 Add dict wrapper 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev c64ea944d9 Allow to upload and remove directories with spaces in the path 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev df292ddb54 Add context manager methods to subprocess_runner 1 year ago
  Jenkins 503c35d08c Merge "Make logging more readable" 1 year ago
  Taylor May e67743b22c Set VNC keypress rate for outputting kernel_cmd 1 year ago
  Alexey Zvyagintsev 272fab15b3 Make logging more readable 1 year ago
  Taylor May a693436f60 Allow setting the fuel master's FQDN and DNS settings from environment variables 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 88a5d02b3d Fix for slave-ip-list: skip l2 network devices not attached to node 1 year ago
  Dennis Dmitriev c4bc6364eb Add new option 'show-resources' to dos.py 1 year ago
  Artem Panchenko d8067269ba Do not resume environment after revert 1 year ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 3cb41214b5 Ignore BadHostKeyException while trying ssh keys 1 year ago
  azvyagintsev 65d348c750 Fix logging 1 year ago
  Jenkins 6d25971d4c Merge "Bash variable workaround" 1 year ago
  azvyagintsev ee1164d49a Bash variable workaround 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 5d68ed0fa3 Enable time-sync for non-Fuel-based environments 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 266437f8c9 [doc] Add libssl-dev package to python eggs build requirements 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 1e65c771a0 Remove py34 from unit tests, use sphinx 1.4.9 for docs 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 8fb07e2cc1 Bump to version 3.0.5 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 6d4b22107e Fix 'ntpd -gq' false-positive exit code 0 2 years ago
  Stanislaw Bogatkin 4da6c0c111 Remove requirement to have strong reachability to remote server 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 236a605026 Bump version to 3.0.4 2 years ago
  Jenkins b3b52fca92 Merge "Use lxml in xmlgenerator" 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 2f200cc211 Use lxml in xmlgenerator 2 years ago
  Dmitry Belyaninov 81f2e6e263 Allow usb boot mode 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 6514c6d046 Fix doc for md5->trust postgres access level 2 years ago
  Jenkins 7a5f97b9a9 Merge "Rework wait and wait_pass methods" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 89e58fcc5c Merge "Example for libvirt networks based on existing bridges (docstring)" 2 years ago
  Jenkins cf8d034d88 Merge "Add ironic pool when IRONIC_ENABLED" 2 years ago
  Vasyl Saienko 1a477ca8e5 Add ironic pool when IRONIC_ENABLED 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev cbcfcf5dab Example for libvirt networks based on existing bridges (docstring) 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 80a7d51598 dos.py slave-ip-list: Skip l2_network_devices without address_pool 2 years ago