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Andreas Jaeger e05275f9f9 Retire repository
Fuel (from openstack namespace) and fuel-ccp (in x namespace)
repositories are unused and ready to retire.

This change removes all content from the repository and adds the usual
README file to point out that the repository is retired following the
process from

See also

Change-Id: I11b06516aa9d24b8defbb85d504ee5a90d10f2a6
4 years ago
OpenDev Sysadmins 65f170b4f7 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
4 years ago
Svetlana Karslioglu 41d0355932 Update
Change-Id: I474cd67236e994e8406b1b689bad8b1760f4adf5
6 years ago
Jenkins d97307f6e8 Merge "[Install Guide] Replace fuel-createmirror with fuel-mirror" 6 years ago
Olena Logvinova 991c744ea8 [Install Guide] Replace fuel-createmirror with fuel-mirror
The patch:

1. Updates the 'Set up a local repository' section
   of the Fuel Install Guide to replace the deprecated
   `fuel-createmirror` command with the current
   `fuel-mirror` one;
2. Moves this file to a separate section since it
   seems to be not related to the 'Upgrade' section;
3. Fixes noticed typos.

Closes-Bug: #1651737
Partial-Bug: #1563086

backport: newton mitaka

Change-Id: I523ec8c6d5341a51fbdf555f1e9e0dfbab875770
6 years ago
Maria Zlatkova 9cc5d05e54 [UG] Remove partition preservation
Removes the Preserve a partition section from the User guide.

Closes-Bug: #1656039

Change-Id: I5b866c98e17e596cf1b0b4a06415f2e2ba152bfb
6 years ago
Jenkins e908c71378 Merge "[devops guide] Update the fuel-devops version number during install" 6 years ago
Jenkins cbd7fcc65c Merge "[UG] Services decomposition" 6 years ago
Jenkins 73d16a26af Merge "Update year to 2017" 6 years ago
Evgeny Konstantinov 70bfefbfa0 Update year to 2017
Change-Id: Ida60dc2c9ad58fc3ecb3cdba7a3a406b570e6c32
6 years ago
Olena Logvinova b78d044544 [devops guide] Update the fuel-devops version number during install
Closes-Bug: #1656708

Change-Id: I2d591dbfb04f65c401f7a6e7158b69e8d1b44915
Backport: newton mitaka
6 years ago
OlgaGusarenko 575b9a2641 [UG] Services decomposition
Adds the instruction on how to deploy services on dedicated OpenStack nodes

Change-Id: I41093e7cfd38f3be5481d22e6c8ae89fc85fb84e
6 years ago
Maria Zlatkova 72995c5af3 [UG] Minor edits
Minor edits to the sections about VXLAN.

Change-Id: I98a9784758861cc6e306313bffd6024455dea5ae
7 years ago
Cady_Chen f39e203603 Replace "life cycle" with "lifecycle"
According to the word choice convention in
We should use "lifecycle" instead of "life cycle".

Change-Id: I3e57c460acfad02ab9fde1bce96eed24a01898b6
7 years ago
Jenkins 97ecb6a21c Merge "Add firewall driver selection" 7 years ago
Evgeny Konstantinov 8a09a5357b Add firewall driver selection
Change-Id: Ic34928830fc0c7adc68854f72183a72b11bc6bf3
7 years ago
Jenkins 7f7fea75c3 Merge "Add description of additional attributes for nodes, bonds, NICs" 7 years ago
Jenkins 18ad8ebf34 Merge "[UG] Add filters to the 'fuel2 task list' command" 7 years ago
OlgaGusarenko 0931fcf0a5 [UG] Add filters to the 'fuel2 task list' command
Change-Id: Idab2a7912af7d28f5b79a1aaab4d60f658511fe0
Closes-Bug: #1640224
7 years ago
Evgeny Konstantinov d64bc99bb6 Add description of additional attributes for nodes, bonds, NICs
Add the desctription to the Fuel plugin SDK guide

Change-Id: I573ffd6f91d37b534cf1db88910833ac71279751
7 years ago
Olena Logvinova 17efb13cfd [UG] Fix a typo in GRAPH_TYPE param description
This patch replaces the duplicated GRAPH_TYPES param with
a more explicit description of the command and the
param itself.

Closes-Bug: #1649854

Change-Id: Ib025a5dd0fd7f51b832ab7409ef6b5daca8e61d2
7 years ago
Svetlana Karslioglu d76d4dc2f0 [UG][IaC] Added section about audit and enforce
Added a section about changes audit and enforcing changes
to an environment.

Change-Id: I122c05796f13e61185c7aa164e20ff6f48e51d3a
7 years ago
Jenkins 736780dae3 Merge "Added IaC sections to Fuel CLI" 7 years ago
Svetlana Karslioglu 64a24022d8 Added IaC sections to Fuel CLI
Added the following sections to the Fuel CLI reference:

* Fuel IaC: Audit commands
* Fuel IaC: Git repository management commands

Change-Id: I5628eb8343c5f0f6a13bd50c27dad821692b85a6
7 years ago
Jenkins 0c32904ce4 Merge "[UG][IaC] Added sections about Git repo" 7 years ago
Svetlana Karslioglu dce6597f39 [UG][IaC] Added sections about Git repo
Added sections about the Git repo structure for IaC LCM and
instructions on how to configure a Git repository.

Change-Id: I9cd169a6b563ef860b0d7841c4dbfd0193b5e565
7 years ago
Jenkins cb034d09fc Merge "Trivial formatting fix" 7 years ago
Olena Logvinova 0118cec903 Trivial formatting fix
Change-Id: I51af5f106ecd0d9e2af71807da81a6451e480137
7 years ago
Olena Logvinova b01caeec2e [UG] Trivial fix
Change-Id: I1bfd0612d78c1e9cd7c5e860a6e35add55b390da
7 years ago
Jenkins a9699d0fa1 Merge "[UG] Add description of `delete graph` command" 7 years ago
Jenkins aac5cb4aad Merge "Added prerequisites and configure IaC extension" 7 years ago
Jenkins 6e0dc23ec3 Merge "[UG] Adds VXLAN support for OVS-DPDK" 7 years ago
Maria Zlatkova e753456801 [UG] Adds VXLAN support for OVS-DPDK
Adds VXLAN support to the Configure SR-IOV and DPDK
section of the Fuel User Guide.

Change-Id: I1ba8061ec772b23d54356e896f2a9c5534694b20
7 years ago
Jenkins 771e3550eb Merge "Add installation from packages guide" 7 years ago
Svetlana Karslioglu e92e314b13 Added prerequisites and configure IaC extension
Added the following sub-sections to the "Modify your
environment using Git repository section":

- Prerequisites
- Configure the Fuel IaC extension

Change-Id: I437800bc86885ddbe294b12bfd30040e189711be
7 years ago
Olena Logvinova 51ac33c003 [UG] Add description of `delete graph` command
This patch:

- adds the description of the `fuel2 delete graph` command
  to the corresponding sub-section of Fuel CLI section;
- adds steps on how to delete a deployment workflow
  to the Manage workflows sub-section of the Maintain your
  env section;
- changes the following parameters as preferable in
  fuel2 CLI where applicable: '--env' to '-e',
  '--type' to '-t', '--release' to '-r', '--plugin' to '-p',
  '--all' to '-a', '--cluster' to 'c';
- renames 'graph' to 'workflow';
- fixes noticed typos.

Change-Id: I2e88436792d812ba60f5189c4a572d680ed0ae21
Closes-Bug: #1633773
7 years ago
Svetlana Karslioglu a790dadb19 Added a structure for the LCM section.
Change-Id: I0d87477aba31bbcaf10d7ef3c2abba7758dd81c0
7 years ago
Evgeny Konstantinov a14aa9fcbc Add a warning on one fuel server in a network.
Change-Id: Iddd7c3e52fff533d0c1536498204f2279e446038
Closes-Bug: #1642744
7 years ago
Sergey Otpuschennikov 9e39ef3974 Revert "Minor formatting fix"
This reverts commit 28fc975e8d.

Change-Id: I7c32aafc0440dfc110bf8aab70d864abe2407e0b
7 years ago
OlgaGusarenko 28fc975e8d Minor formatting fix
Change-Id: I2cd082fdf931673c66abe8e066383a1c5d209ce8
7 years ago
Jenkins 406ede46e0 Merge "[RN] Adds Fuel RN for Newton" 7 years ago
OlgaGusarenko 61b2bb4214 [RN] Adds Fuel RN for Newton
Change-Id: If529d4a3459bf2c2f0923fa1a92cd3025044e931
7 years ago
Jenkins 0c50d5fa2b Merge "Fix line wrapping" 7 years ago
Aurélien Joga 619d78a4b4 Fix line wrapping
Some linewrapping in code blocs actually breaks the code

Change-Id: Ibc8573c2ecaf6c9b780864f8f9878e11b06c2584
7 years ago
Jenkins 3335cc7a48 Merge "Add detailed explaination for baremetal network configure" 7 years ago
Olena Logvinova 772aca643b [UG] [CLI] Add new fuel2 commands
This patch adds the following commands and their
description to the Fuel commands table:

fuel2 graph delete
fuel2 health list
fuel2 health start
fuel2 health stop
fuel2 health restart
fuel2 health status list
fuel2 health status show

Change-Id: I674d57243d8b7cdff6da26cc50b2ed837f129639
Closes-Bug: #1628621
Partial-Bug: #1633773
7 years ago
Wei Hui bdffdb1a9b Add detailed explaination for baremetal network configure
Change-Id: I5521440ef38657107dc3690aaaaa35ea6a7544e7
7 years ago
Jenkins 54c259fc60 Merge "Provides minor updates for Fuel Plugin SDK" 7 years ago
Jenkins 18510ed50a Merge "Update docs for puppet-lint 2.0" 7 years ago
Jenkins 9a31d2544c Merge "Fix the Sphinx syntax error" 7 years ago