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  OpenDev Sysadmins 65f170b4f7 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Svetlana Karslioglu 41d0355932 Update 1 year ago
  Jenkins d97307f6e8 Merge "[Install Guide] Replace fuel-createmirror with fuel-mirror" 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova 991c744ea8 [Install Guide] Replace fuel-createmirror with fuel-mirror 2 years ago
  Maria Zlatkova 9cc5d05e54 [UG] Remove partition preservation 2 years ago
  Jenkins e908c71378 Merge "[devops guide] Update the fuel-devops version number during install" 2 years ago
  Jenkins cbd7fcc65c Merge "[UG] Services decomposition" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 73d16a26af Merge "Update year to 2017" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Konstantinov 70bfefbfa0 Update year to 2017 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova b78d044544 [devops guide] Update the fuel-devops version number during install 2 years ago
  OlgaGusarenko 575b9a2641 [UG] Services decomposition 2 years ago
  Maria Zlatkova 72995c5af3 [UG] Minor edits 2 years ago
  Cady_Chen f39e203603 Replace "life cycle" with "lifecycle" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 97ecb6a21c Merge "Add firewall driver selection" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Konstantinov 8a09a5357b Add firewall driver selection 2 years ago
  Jenkins 7f7fea75c3 Merge "Add description of additional attributes for nodes, bonds, NICs" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 18ad8ebf34 Merge "[UG] Add filters to the 'fuel2 task list' command" 2 years ago
  OlgaGusarenko 0931fcf0a5 [UG] Add filters to the 'fuel2 task list' command 2 years ago
  Evgeny Konstantinov d64bc99bb6 Add description of additional attributes for nodes, bonds, NICs 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova 17efb13cfd [UG] Fix a typo in GRAPH_TYPE param description 2 years ago
  Svetlana Karslioglu d76d4dc2f0 [UG][IaC] Added section about audit and enforce 2 years ago
  Jenkins 736780dae3 Merge "Added IaC sections to Fuel CLI" 2 years ago
  Svetlana Karslioglu 64a24022d8 Added IaC sections to Fuel CLI 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0c32904ce4 Merge "[UG][IaC] Added sections about Git repo" 2 years ago
  Svetlana Karslioglu dce6597f39 [UG][IaC] Added sections about Git repo 2 years ago
  Jenkins cb034d09fc Merge "Trivial formatting fix" 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova 0118cec903 Trivial formatting fix 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova b01caeec2e [UG] Trivial fix 2 years ago
  Jenkins a9699d0fa1 Merge "[UG] Add description of `delete graph` command" 2 years ago
  Jenkins aac5cb4aad Merge "Added prerequisites and configure IaC extension" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 6e0dc23ec3 Merge "[UG] Adds VXLAN support for OVS-DPDK" 2 years ago
  Maria Zlatkova e753456801 [UG] Adds VXLAN support for OVS-DPDK 2 years ago
  Jenkins 771e3550eb Merge "Add installation from packages guide" 2 years ago
  Svetlana Karslioglu e92e314b13 Added prerequisites and configure IaC extension 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova 51ac33c003 [UG] Add description of `delete graph` command 2 years ago
  Svetlana Karslioglu a790dadb19 Added a structure for the LCM section. 2 years ago
  Evgeny Konstantinov a14aa9fcbc Add a warning on one fuel server in a network. 2 years ago
  Sergey Otpuschennikov 9e39ef3974 Revert "Minor formatting fix" 2 years ago
  OlgaGusarenko 28fc975e8d Minor formatting fix 2 years ago
  Jenkins 406ede46e0 Merge "[RN] Adds Fuel RN for Newton" 2 years ago
  OlgaGusarenko 61b2bb4214 [RN] Adds Fuel RN for Newton 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0c50d5fa2b Merge "Fix line wrapping" 2 years ago
  Aurélien Joga 619d78a4b4 Fix line wrapping 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3335cc7a48 Merge "Add detailed explaination for baremetal network configure" 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova 772aca643b [UG] [CLI] Add new fuel2 commands 2 years ago
  Wei Hui bdffdb1a9b Add detailed explaination for baremetal network configure 2 years ago
  Jenkins 54c259fc60 Merge "Provides minor updates for Fuel Plugin SDK" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 18510ed50a Merge "Update docs for puppet-lint 2.0" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9a31d2544c Merge "Fix the Sphinx syntax error" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 31b1ae605a Merge "Change ostf process's control system" 2 years ago