133 Commits (master)

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  gecong1973 20e93c4686 Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 27e4aa4796 Files with no code must be left completely empty 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 8520aeafd9 Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 062cf1dcd2 TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused 2 years ago
  Andriy Popovych 7531f8d65a Add support for NIC attributes 2 years ago
  Artur Svechnikov 99050bb609 murano_glance_artifacts_plugin backward compatibility 2 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin 7cc4b17cee Support murano plugin installation in OSTF tests 3 years ago
  Artem Panchenko 2bdaeafbb2 Skip 2 health checks if no computes w/o DPDK 3 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 1eb65cc189 Check connectivity from instance with DPDK via floating IP 3 years ago
  Alexandr Kostrikov a3ae1e4c16 Add check for sriov keys 3 years ago
  Volodymyr Shypyguzov 9f6b3ca44e Add test_sriov_instance_connectivity 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich ff9a20a192 Add usage of namedtuples for run and tests status 3 years ago
  Artem Roma 50095b1bdc Disable ssl certificate verification for ostf_adapter utils 3 years ago
  Ilya Kutukov f02be2b6fa Fuel version info is returned as answer to ostf-server --version 3 years ago
  Oleg Gelbukh 9243eab196 Compare versions of OpenStack with LooseVersion 3 years ago
  Alexandr Kostrikov 415efd1d09 Fix problem with race condition of forked ostf 3 years ago
  Dmitry Teselkin 23b7ae2a1a Workaround to get ostf working 3 years ago
  Artem Roma bfa90e5caa Adhere python package requirements to Liberty global-requirements 3 years ago
  Dmitry Teselkin a98973482f Support for new oslo namespaces 3 years ago
  Dmitry Teselkin fc6648be21 Fix project name 3 years ago
  Kyrylo Romanenko 5cf8c484a9 Add OSTF tests for Ironic using ironicclient 3 years ago
  Artem Roma f169d49569 Expand unit test coverage for TestRun model methods 3 years ago
  Artem Roma 0d6964de9c Add tests for methods of TestSet and TestRun models 3 years ago
  Artem Roma 30848e6dc6 Add tests for methods of Test model class 3 years ago
  Artem Roma ef42c54883 Fix issue with dependencies of the package 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich a94d5592b0 Disable instance with file creation if ceph is use 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 0cbb83fb17 Add test for live migration in smoke set 4 years ago
  Anastasia Kuznetsova b439a21b0c Fix bug with wrong test description prosessing 4 years ago
  Artem Roma 1c8ed01da9 json module replaced with jsonutils 4 years ago
  Stepan Rogov 27492085f7 Created ostf tests for vcenter in multi HV environment 4 years ago
  Artem Roma f509330e00 Cleaning db before integration tests added 4 years ago
  Artem Roma ad8df61058 Version for tests added 4 years ago
  tatyana-leontovich f9c37d0876 Revert "Add versioning for fuel_health tests" 4 years ago
  Artem Roma 6c250763b4 Add versioning for fuel_health tests 4 years ago
  Artem Roma 95054878ef Removed hardcoded path to migrations directory from alembic.ini 4 years ago
  Roman Verchikov e0643599aa Fixing import in env.py script 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski cbe0ea30d9 Added hacking checks to tox 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski 70ecf3b93c Use regex to check if test belong to test set 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski 98d0287158 Cleaned and made integration tests working 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski bac8730db5 Reorganized and cleaned unit tests 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak ccab72934d Add release version to test and cluster tags 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski b21dc974e8 Populate test cache if it's empty 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski 9c6fadca27 Use keystonemiddleware package 4 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski 727cd3cc93 Add logging to file for OSTF tests 4 years ago
  Kamil Sambor e232d498a4 Added discovery_check to TestrunsController 4 years ago
  Aleksey Kasatkin 907f25f8fa Skip compute connectivity tests when public is absent on computes 4 years ago
  tdubyk 9c0454b219 Add parsing of hypervisor deployment tags 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 1a427f2c4d Add fuel_version to cluster_tags 4 years ago
  Yaroslav Lobankov bedc32733a Renaming Savanna to Sahara 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 74ecb4a85f Token passthrough for nailgun client in ostf 4 years ago