Fuel plugins
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  1. ---
  2. description:
  3. For Fuel team structure and contribution policy, see [1].
  4. This is repository level MAINTAINERS file. All contributions to this
  5. repository must be approved by one or more Core Reviewers [2].
  6. If you are contributing to files (or create new directories) in
  7. root folder of this repository, please contact Core Reviewers for
  8. review and merge requests.
  9. If you are contributing to subfolders of this repository, please
  10. check 'maintainers' section of this file in order to find maintainers
  11. for those specific modules.
  12. It is mandatory to get +1 from one or more maintainers before asking
  13. Core Reviewers for review/merge in order to decrease a load on Core Reviewers [3].
  14. Exceptions are when maintainers are actually cores, or when maintainers
  15. are not available for some reason (e.g. on vacation).
  16. [1] http://specs.fuel-infra.org/fuel-specs-master/policy/team-structure.html
  17. [2] https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/661,members
  18. [3] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-August/072406.html
  19. Please keep this file in YAML format in order to allow helper scripts
  20. to read this as a configuration data.
  21. maintainers:
  22. - ./:
  23. - name: Andrii Popovych
  24. email: apopovych@mirantis.com
  25. IRC: apopovych
  26. - name: Ilya Kutukov
  27. email: ikutukov@mirantis.com
  28. IRC: ikutukov