Fuel plugins
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Fuel Plugins

Starting with version 6.0, Fuel supports a Pluggable architecture.

Fuel plugins allow you to install and configure additional capabilities for your cloud, such as additional storage types and networking functionality. For example, a Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) plugin allows you to add network load balancing functionality to your cloud so that incoming traffic can be spread across multiple nodes. Or you might want to use a GlusterFS plugin so that you can use a Gluster file system as backend for Cinder volumes.

Finding Plugins

For production versions of plugins, including certified plugins, see Released Plugins Catalog.

For instructions on installing Fuel plugins, see Installing Plugins.

Finding documentation

You can find Fuel Plugins documentation in the following sources:

OpenStack Fuel-plugins Repository

This repository contains plugin example, and the Fuel plugin builder tool (fpb). The plugin code here might not be suitable for production use please see Released Plugins Catalog to download release versions of these and other Fuel plugins.

Creating your own plugins

Detailed instructions can be found in the Plugins Wiki page.

Plugins should be built using the fuel-plugin-builder (fpb) utility found in this repoistory or via pip. fpb will ensure that build steps as well as validation is performed prior to assembling a package.

Abbreviated instructions:

This will:

  • install fuel-plugin-builder
  • clone the fuel_plugin_example plugin with the name fuel_plugin_name
  • build the plugin .rpm package.


Simple Fuel plugin examples you can find here:


Other Plugin repositories

Other locations known to have Fuel plugins. Note, these may not be supported by the Fuel team