194 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Igor Gajsin a0838e91a9 remove vmware 2 years ago
  Sergey Novikov 0afab0e129 Add non-dpdk tests for ovs firewall driver 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev dd879d206b Add new test for multiqueue feature 2 years ago
  Mikhail Samoylov 894f6883be Add tests and handlers for graph_concept_extension. 2 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 56e6b2b7cd Test public API 2 years ago
  Alexandr Kostrikov 20fa6bfa5c Implement configdb cli coverage 2 years ago
  Alisa Tselovalnikova c85e75fdc4 Add upgrade test for multi-rack deployment 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova 10c8cf7fc1 Add tests for vCenter cluster actions 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov fee216eb0d Drop heslpers as announced previously 2 years ago
  Sergey Novikov 2b93254b97 Detach smoke and no cluster tests from upgrade file 2 years ago
  Sergey Novikov cad3ace2e6 Re-group tests related to cluster upgrade extension 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 69c58a53ba OS Upgrade tests: separate helpers 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev dee67482f7 Detach ceph-ha test from upgrade file 2 years ago
  Oleksii Butenko 529a36e9cd Add new swarm test for cinder block device 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 461f7c582a Rework upgrade with plugin test 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev adbdcb6628 Add upgrade test for network template 2 years ago
  Artem Panchenko 6dc2f56278 [BM] Add SR-IOV support test 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 459842fe57 Add upgrade "test" for just upgrading of master node. 2 years ago
  NastyaUrlapova 540baa73a3 We shouldn't support cases with separate keystone/db, 2 years ago
  Mikhail Samoylov 7fefe52b3a Test for security checks on master node and slaves. 2 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 60246f9cd9 Add option to setup centos master node in get_ready_setup method 2 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 5809bb6208 Disable UMM before nodes repetitive restart 2 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin dbd6c8f8ba Support Murano plugin in fuel-qa framework 2 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin 5a89086c27 Add OL tests for live migration 3 years ago
  Andrey Lavrentyev b3d498520d Refactor gerrit client 2 years ago
  Swann Croiset 08dea43d3e Remove all tests related to LMA plugins 2 years ago
  krozin 676320765d Generate report of failed tests and builds per failure reason group. 2 years ago
  asledzinskiy 7a5970fa64 Add test with detached haproxy role 3 years ago
  Alexander Kurenyshev 8d6186acd3 Add Unlock settings tab test 3 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin cc244774fb Normalize extra computes tests and add OL basic verification test 3 years ago
  Alexander Kurenyshev 399114cc56 Tests for unlock settings tab from different cluster states 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova 65d44cb6a1 Added failover tests for vCenter 3 years ago
  Alexandr Kostrikov b992294505 Custom graphs deployment 3 years ago
  Egor Kotko 201dbf4b41 Add test for etckeeper plugin 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 0b592b1260 ConfigDB API smoke test cases 3 years ago
  Volodymyr Shypyguzov 7f6977c52b Add tests for IBP 3 years ago
  zatserklyany d8f7b0d221 Add tests for multipath devices 3 years ago
  Sergey Novikov 8bf290f4ef Add test task coverage by lcm tests 3 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin f86dbf78a6 Move extra computes tests into separated dir 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko fa522254a4 template-based test for fuel installation on Centos node 3 years ago
  Dmitriy Kruglov d82fee7e9e Add tests for tasks ensurability 3 years ago
  Andrey Lavrentyev 4ac47dad9b Add update testrail fields functionality for testrail reporter 3 years ago
  Dmitry Tyzhnenko 6a35a38ab9 Move ha_neutron and bvt to fuel_tests 3 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 91aefdb50d Test deployment computes with network in DPDK mode 3 years ago
  Dmitry Kalashnik e5fa136a1c Add tests for idempotency 3 years ago
  Maksym Strukov a08f609dfc Make zero errors in verify-fuel-qa-docs gerrit job 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 04d1855b12 Remove usage of post checks from fuel-library 3 years ago
  Andrey Sledzinskiy 1d8532ef7d Revert "Save information about the deployment in the database." 3 years ago
  Mikhail Samoylov 8401359bf3 Save information about the deployment in the database. 3 years ago
  Egor Kotko ea017268f6 Test networks outage 3 years ago