100 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vladimir Khlyunev 1247d9f1a6 Fix ironic templates 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 6a3cbf4478 Rename 'rack-01' to 'default' in devops templates 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin a0838e91a9 remove vmware 2 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 40b2111120 Updated bootstrap repos after fuel-bootstrap-cli reinstall 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev e2d65c93f3 Fix incorrect usage of YamlEditor in gates tests 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev f5a4e7499b Drop old yaml-modification methods 2 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 8d3b5e3de9 Add devops_template for each test in fuel_library and puppet-openstack mapping 2 years ago
  Alexander Kurenyshev 63deb9311a Fix adds a skip to the heat and live migration tests 2 years ago
  Alexander Kurenyshev c52afd24f6 Fix adds a skip to the heat and live migration tests 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov fcbb7db253 Fix review_fuel_client test 2 years ago
  Kyrylo Romanenko ab0c889391 Unskip boot and connectivity check of Ironic instances 3 years ago
  Anton Studenov ed18a79a06 Add timeout_msg values in fuelweb_test/tests 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 0f98906d3b Add new openstack_cinder module to fuel_library_mapping 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 459a1be121 Fix env configuration to avoid controller-ceph mix 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 54ad959191 Add ironic devops template for review_in_fuel_library test execution 3 years ago
  Kyrylo Romanenko 59c9103676 Fix several code style issues 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 761dfe2afd Add missed modules in fuel-library mapping 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 2fe3dc56ff Add fuel-qa system tests mapping for openstack/puppet-projects 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko d3f262c368 Refactor test_nailgun_agent 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 1659e6db3a Fix typo in module name in puppet_module_mapping 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 1b11a4cbf1 Add missing modules ot puppet_module_mapping.yaml 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 4fa7f92aee Disable step14-15 in fuel-agent gate tests 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 03c3fd8cf9 Add check_ceph health into gate_ostf 3 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 75c35894a2 Updating SkipTest() with error messages 3 years ago
  Artem Panchenko 86dfc2d009 Upload new packages before rebuilding bootstrap 3 years ago
  Kyrylo Romanenko ca9b08cb7d Simplify environment configuration for review_fuel_agent_ironic_deploy test 3 years ago
  asledzinskiy 3aba5286b2 Add method to update node interfaces 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 08afbdab3e Temporary disable ironic actions steps in test_review_in_fuel_agent 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich a1e3309e4e Add invokation on network checker 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko c2c6a11c5c Extend fuel-agent gate with ironic checking 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 93bfc15b0e Do not check exit code while curl to ostf api 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 34138f1893 Support openstack_tasks in mapping tests 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 2637797da1 Do not raise exception for ostf status check 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 1c2a1b41c5 Add --force usage in cli-gate test 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich a76dfd31ff Delete Centos bootstrap usage 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 9eece05963 Add default behavior to review_in_fuel_library 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 92f25c3193 Add module cgroups in mapping tests structure 3 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 41d761bfdc Pylint: fix trivial issues 3 3 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov b661d47b32 Pylint: fix trivial issues 2 3 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 37009b912a Pylint: fix trivial issues 1 3 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 6f7801cce4 Fix incorrect groups processing in gates tests 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko f8b52e8f73 Create test mapping for puppet-modules 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich d2c6f59c35 Add gate test for nailgun agent 3 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 0af42bd0f8 Refactoring functions in checkers.py(part 1) 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich dda2392de8 Remove deployment task for python client test 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 0e5156b751 Add usage of SSHManager() in gate tests 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 982ff75f96 Fix type error in usage of func from cli_base 3 years ago
  tatyana-leontovich 8a29f02cf0 Revert "Add gate_tests directory for test_directory" 3 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 70106730d9 Python3 code compatibility: Stage1 3 years ago
  Tatyana Leontovich 4b7bde303d Add gate_tests directory for test_directory 3 years ago