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  Igor Gajsin a0838e91a9 remove vmware 2 years ago
  Dmitry Tyzhnenko 4e11179097 Migrate group thread_1 to pytest scope 2 years ago
  vrovachev 4154f0c732 Replace env for nova-compute packages 3 years ago
  Artem Panchenko 2d1b708a07 Check both master and env repos for packages 3 years ago
  asledzinskiy 619c7ada17 Add test plans for main openstack components 3 years ago
  asledzinskiy 359519dd29 Add test for master patching 4 years ago
  Artem Panchenko e8937fa42a Add tests configuration files for packages 4 years ago
  NastyaUrlapova 17d34057c7 Create tests for patching feature 4 years ago