155 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vasyl Saienko ad30a92874 Dont set vlan on ironic network 2 years ago
  Sergey Novikov 6e43df6df6 Remove a deprecated fuel migration test 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev dfe698b1a8 Replace ALL "tag" parameter with "vlan_start" 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 1aef1bfe69 Follow renamed tag=>vlan_start vlan parameter 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 1247d9f1a6 Fix ironic templates 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 4b42514bbb Add ironic slaves to ironic template 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 5c7dcc2a64 Add ironic baremetal template 2 years ago
  Volodymyr Shypyguzov 5d0931c8d0 Fix vlan_range for multiple networks remplate 2 years ago
  Sergey Otpuschennikov 0263854ed7 Add a template for security scan related devops environment 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 6a3cbf4478 Rename 'rack-01' to 'default' in devops templates 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin a0838e91a9 remove vmware 2 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 2faf58fc82 Fix "wrap functions with 2 blank lines" pep8 check 2 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 3faf7d9798 Add check that calculated space to filling not "negative" 2 years ago
  ibumarskov 4e9ccac415 [vCenter] Minor fixes for vCenter suite 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 0649c4fd20 Replace deprecated constants by direct usage 2 years ago
  ibumarskov f35cbf50f9 Implementation of TC with uploading CA bundle file for vCenter 2 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 56e6b2b7cd Test public API 2 years ago
  ibumarskov 4aff48d79f Add a template for vCenter related devops environment 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova 10c8cf7fc1 Add tests for vCenter cluster actions 2 years ago
  ibumarskov 06cee3fd77 Add tests with changing of vSphere cluster configuration 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov ba5be62a97 SingletonMeta class is exists in fuel-devops: deprecate copy 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov ea443c3cc2 Drop private API usage in pytest groups grab 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 3ce8925e1c Replace execute_throw_host by devops implementation 2 years ago
  ibumarskov 89db499ebd Add test for checking HA after scaling of vCenter enviroment 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 699ce6c249 Fix misprint in remote.check_call 2 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov f8d4f2c5c3 run_on_remote, execute_remote_cmd and run_on_remote_get_results elimination 2 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 63ee810635 Refactoring of setup_master method, get_setup method, setup_master action 2 years ago
  Dennis Dmitriev 923af3eb22 Fix regexp that parse a template-based test case name 2 years ago
  zatserklyany 573ded4401 Refactor finding flag of finishing migrate process 2 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 951d250b1d Fix filling_root test 2 years ago
  Anton Studenov ef2ace7f65 Add timeout_msg values in fuelweb_test and system_test 2 years ago
  asledzinskiy 7a5970fa64 Add test with detached haproxy role 3 years ago
  ekhomyakova a339f77220 Fix failover tests for vCenter 2 years ago
  zatserklyany 056efdccb4 Extend disk configuration for multipath devices 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova f9f8043af0 Added config file with controller and Glance backend 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova 65d44cb6a1 Added failover tests for vCenter 3 years ago
  Ilya Bumarskov b2a521336e Fix scale tests for vCenter 2 years ago
  Ilya Bumarskov 0811713cc7 vCenter tests with OpenStack actions for cinder and nova 3 years ago
  zatserklyany d8f7b0d221 Add tests for multipath devices 3 years ago
  Alexey Stepanov 3990b5fb65 Fix inspection issues 3 years ago
  Georgy Dyuldin eb3827e659 Add neutron-qos parameter 3 years ago
  Egor Kotko cd328ac3e0 Change the parameter 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko fa522254a4 template-based test for fuel installation on Centos node 3 years ago
  Ilya Bumarskov 2dc510fe14 Fix for enable DVS plugin 3 years ago
  Artem Grechanichenko 168033a0d5 Refactor Setup_environment 3 years ago
  Maksym Strukov 75c35894a2 Updating SkipTest() with error messages 3 years ago
  Victor Ryzhenkin 36e5c016cd Revert "Remove murano from cluster_settings for system_tests" 3 years ago
  Dmitry Tyzhnenko 415044aa99 Add support devops 3.0 into fuel-qa 3 years ago
  Dmitriy Kruglov ac04cb9c94 Fix fuel master node migration test 3 years ago
  Ilya Bumarskov be282374d9 Check public ip and gw for vmware related roles 3 years ago