Fuel tests
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Jenkins d6596c8a25 Merge "Ignore slaves on "empty" snapshot" 2 years ago
config_templates Change vlan range for service reconfiguration test 2 years ago
helpers Fix expected resource count 2 years ago
models Fix sriov-related methods 2 years ago
network_templates Update tests for network templates 2 years ago
rally/scenarios Fis mistypes with affect on API 3 years ago
testrail Search bug links in testrail only in N days before 2 years ago
tests Merge "Ignore slaves on "empty" snapshot" 2 years ago
__init__.py Move QuietLogger and logwrap to core 2 years ago
ostf_test_mapping.py Stabilize cic maintenance tests 3 years ago
requirements-devops-source.txt Bump devops version to 3.0.5 2 years ago
requirements-devops.txt Strict require devops3 for fuel-qa 2 years ago
requirements.txt Fix requirement for pycparser version 2 years ago
settings.py remove vmware 2 years ago