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  Vitaly Kramskikh d04d909d59 Remove Fuel UI 3 years ago
  Maksim Malchuk a1a8d56353 Repository cleanup after virtualbox scripts removed 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh a3aca26ff2 Replace require.js loader/r.js builder with webpack 3 years ago
  Maciej Kwiek 3d42dae017 Replace release.is_deployable with release.state 3 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski 9214df4858 Enable writing tests for fuelmenu 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh e75713b7e1 Remove bower 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 54edb12673 Intern-based unit tests 4 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 5aefe01c10 Rearrange static dir layout 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 5b62abc258 Replace Grunt with Gulp 4 years ago
  Meg McRoberts f6e4db13f3 general syntax/style edit 4 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 22944d7d97 Basic linting for *.less files 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak fa20798b64 Separate configuration based on test environment 4 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov b2c16a8f56 Added tox.ini files to subprojects 4 years ago
  Dmitry Ilyin 96987b967f Rewrite how to build the documentation 5 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 0c0c626160 LESS integration for development and production evironments 5 years ago
  astepanchuk 5a4078eb5b Grunt with Bower package manager 5 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 977defd486 Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner 5 years ago
  Dmitry Shulyak 76a3ca1701 Greatly improved code in dhcp checker. Fixed bug with dhcp behaviour on network down 5 years ago
  Dmitry Shulyak c8de4de836 Refactor dhcp code, flake8 and pep8 fixes 5 years ago
  Dmitry Shulyak 12d9bd06a7 Small code fixes and improvements 5 years ago
  Dmitry Pyzhov 0aebe18c85 Ignore Shotgun.egg-info 5 years ago
  Nikolay Markov f48c6453a3 ds_store in gitignore 5 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov 83d57f65b5 [vbox] Created folder for iso in virtualbox 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) 22ee2d4b51 [FUEL-813] Remove unused config options, fix code using review notes 5 years ago
  Vladmir Sharhsov(warpc) b4316a31e8 [fuel-813] Move provisioning code from naily to astute (full deploy test is success) 5 years ago
  Dmitry Pyzhov af178e9304 Git ignore virtualbox iso 6 years ago
  Alwex 3cd6c38470 Refactored procedure of local mirror creation. 6 years ago
  Nikolay Markov 1f8a86c009 mirror returned to its place 6 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 4f7f41de9e [nailgun] Moved manage.py out from nailgun package directory 6 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov b19797fe00 [orchestrator] Added gemspec 6 years ago
  Andrey Danin af23627ec2 [bootstrap] Add MCollective to master-node. Minor fixes. 6 years ago
  Nikolay Markov d9c38b9fb7 agent fix and installation test 6 years ago
  Nikolay Markov a64d94c90f create_release fix and provisioning added 6 years ago
  vic dab2e17816 Fix paths 6 years ago
  vic 98c84329d0 Fix tests 6 years ago
  vic 7a6e433706 Add .idea to gitignore 6 years ago
  Andrey Danin 404ace2d20 Fix link to cooks submodule; Add "lock" to .gitignore. 6 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov f66db19840 Moved CHEF_CONF_FOLDER to extrasettings. 6 years ago
  Nikolay Markov 458bb51a36 integration test updated and delete method for cluster/node 6 years ago
  Maxim Kulkin 09686a7226 Added build directory to .gitignore 6 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov 070efe2c8f Mocked SshConnect for config handler test 6 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov 06e8c59aa3 Added ip, mac, fqdn attrs to Node. Agent updated. 6 years ago
  Mike Scherbakov cce1f93b60 Created test for config handler 6 years ago
  Maxim Kulkin ffab389328 Implemented dev-environment provisioning with Vagrant and Chef 7 years ago
  Maxim Kulkin 0d012f4bd5 Reorganized django app and renamed it to nailgun 7 years ago
  Maxim Kulkin 2f9b94cb82 Updated .gitignore: vim swap files, logs and pids 7 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 6fb14d4f65 gitignore for .pyc and .db files 7 years ago