84 Commits (master)

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  Vitaly Kramskikh f49add8cba Move UI-related testing logic to a separate file 3 years ago
  Julia Aranovich 1e0f917d49 Functional tests for plugin UI 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 7e3efeb6ee Use sinon for mocking server response in UI func tests for logs 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh ab221c059c Store nailgun log in artifacts dir in case of test failure 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh de45f07949 Create new nailgun log file for each functional UI test 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh b9d8e10a2e Show nailgun log on UI tests fail 3 years ago
  Alexander Kislitsky 30f0f8007b Tox python env changed to py27 in run_tests.sh 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh f4ee02ad50 Enable uglification by default 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov fbd8538e3d Remove fuel_package_updates module 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 503ea42021 Add npm scripts to comply with Javascript CTI 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 10b14a719d Deprecate fuel_upgrade_system/fuel_upgrade directory 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov ff842dd813 Deprecate network_checker directory 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 65b07097b2 Deprecate shotgun directory 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 3119b6f5bc Deprecate fuelmenu directory 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh e75713b7e1 Remove bower 3 years ago
  Roman Podoliaka d57dd02c88 tests: allow to specify venvs via $TOXENV 3 years ago
  Sebastian Kalinowski 7e8b35076f Right exit code when running only selected tests 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh bfb58650e2 [Intern] New --no-nailgun-start option for run_tests.sh 3 years ago
  Nick Bogdanov 4087edc05a [Intern] Casper tests replaced with Intern 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh ee1cee60cb [Intern] Custom registerSuite which allows to add helpers 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 01dcc5f25b Add --no-ui-compression key for run_tests.sh 3 years ago
  Evgeniy L c260a23091 Migrations for extensions should not depend on Core's db schema 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 53801c201b Removed tasklib directory 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov ea8a7f94dd Removed fuel_agent and fuel_agent_ci 3 years ago
  Nick Bogdanov 3577169e20 Intern-based functional tests 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 54edb12673 Intern-based unit tests 4 years ago
  Przemyslaw Kaminski 6093c35e34 Remove deprecated fuel_development 4 years ago
  Roman Prykhodchenko 9d7e7247e4 Refactored run_server script 4 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn df1cfd821a Add fuel_package_updates package 4 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 5b62abc258 Replace Grunt with Gulp 4 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh 51974b50c3 Bump CasperJS to 1.1-beta3 and simplify installation process 4 years ago
  Evgeniy L b33726998e Remove fuel_update_downloader from the repository 4 years ago
  Roman Prykhodchenko df66a77faa Delete fuelclient from fuel-web repo 4 years ago
  Julia Varigina 30e4d4e655 Added an option to run Nailgun performance test 4 years ago
  Julia Varigina c3df5c2b52 Print descriptive error message if test file does not exist 4 years ago
  Roman Prykhodchenko 87db70a4b9 Allow specifying maximum wait-time for Nailgun 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 09089099c3 Add option to flush database before/after tests 4 years ago
  Przemyslaw Kaminski b6331ee97f run_tests.sh option fixes 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 6b01a6c7d2 Parallel test execution with py.test 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 316b8854af Add cli commands to interact with plugins 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 4dd82c6be3 Tasklib implementation in python 4 years ago
  Alexandra Morozova 5284ca6f97 [React] [tests] Using JSHint instead of JSLint 4 years ago
  Alexander Kislitsky 2b5e5704bf Development environment on masternode 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak fa20798b64 Separate configuration based on test environment 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 62226f26e5 Properly kill running server after tests 4 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 2a6ed8fc2d Added Fuel agent 4 years ago
  Dima Shulyak 75e2e5330b SERVER_PORT for UI and CLI tests depends on env variables 4 years ago
  Aleksandra Fedorova eaabb2c9bb Fix tests return codes 4 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov b2c16a8f56 Added tox.ini files to subprojects 4 years ago
  Alexander Kislitsky f128d68d79 Flake8 tests run first in run_tests.sh 4 years ago