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  Dmitry Guryanov f4851820d3 run extensions tests in 4 threads 2 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov d29b5195ad Add performance test command into main tox.ini 2 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov a22aee3396 Optional database prepare 2 years ago
  Igor Belikov 4d8a2f29bf Align nailgun docs building with OS-Infra 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov ca76100c62 Configurable ARTS directory in tox.ini 3 years ago
  Igor Kalnitsky 73dcf257d1 Use PostgreSQL setup provided by OpenStack Infra 3 years ago
  Vitaly Kramskikh f49add8cba Move UI-related testing logic to a separate file 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 8bee1a4d9f Remove unused tox env: runfakemode 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov f5a728c8ad Load several fixtures when tesing 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 22994a9612 Functional testing interface 3 years ago
  janonymous 5d5a94956c py26 is no longer supported by Infra's CI 3 years ago
  Roman Prykhodchenko 0baa017c89 Add tox environment for running in fake mode 3 years ago
  Ondřej Nový ec91e1f56a Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed 3 years ago
  Ghanshyam adcd76d9a8 Pass environment variables of proxy to tox 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kozhukalov 0eef4668ab Fix python-jobs 3 years ago