Remove explicit cycle names

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Ian Cordasco 2014-12-18 10:33:16 -06:00
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@ -51,8 +51,8 @@ We will preserve this order and then load ``glance-manage.conf``. We will only
default to setting ``log_file`` in ``glance-manage.conf`` to prevent
overriding settings from the other two files. We will also issue a deprecation
warning pointing to this specification so that operators and end users know to
configure ``glance-manage.conf`` for the L cycle. In the L cycle, we will stop
depending on ``glance-registry.conf`` and ``glance-api.conf``. The
configure ``glance-manage.conf`` for a later cycle. In that cycle, we
will stop depending on ``glance-registry.conf`` and ``glance-api.conf``. The
documentation should also immediately, starting in the K cycle, begin to
instruct users to configure settings for ``glance-manage`` in