Add Glance priorities for Mitaka

For this cycle, I believe we should be more strict on what is/isn't a
priority. Considering the latest feedback from the community and our
current team, we ought to be very careful.

This list does not exclude other works. It just clarifies what
the teams priorities are and where most of the time should probably go.

Also, this list does not define features and it doesn't replace specs.
Specs *must* be written and they'll be referenced in this list.

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Image Service Specifications (glance)
Image Service (Glance) Plans
During each design summit, we agree on what the whole community wants
to focus on for the upcoming release. This is the output of those
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Juno approved specs:
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Mitaka Project Priorities
List of priorities (in the form of use cases) the glance development team is
prioritizing in Liberty (in no particular order).
| Priority | Owner(s) | Specs |
| `DefCore Updates`_ | `Flavio Percoco`_ | |
| `Image Import Refactor`_ | `Brian Rosmaita`_, | `image refactor`_ |
| | `Stuart Mclaren`_ | |
| `Nova V1 -> V2 Support`_ | `Flavio Percoco`_, | `nova.image refactor`_ |
| | `Mike Fedosin`_ | |
.. _Brian Rosmaita:
.. _Flavio Percoco:
.. _Mike Fedosin:
.. _Stuart Mclaren:
.. _image refactor:
.. _nova.image refactor:
Priorities without a clear plan
Here are some things we would like to be a priority, but we are currently
lacking either a clear plan or someone to lead that effort:
* Revisit tempests tests
* Verify all the required tests for the API v2 exist
* Tempest's tests are used as a reference by DefCore
* These tests will prove the interoperability of the API
* Glance trusts
* Pull V3 out of glance-api's process into its own process/endpoint
DefCore Updates
Establish a communication channel with DefCore so that constant syncs can be had. Interactions with the DefCore team are important, especially when it comes down to our API evolution. We must make sure this becomes a standard practice.
Image Import Refactor
Define and implement a consistent, reliable, user-friendly and public capable image import workflow.
The work here is focused on evolving the existing workflows into something that could be standardized and used as a reference by other groups like DefCore.
Nova V1 -> V2 Support
Start and complete the support for Glance's v2 in Nova. This will be a joint effort between both communities and it'll be split into several parts. Our tasks for this consist in contributing to Nova and helping them move forward.