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Provision to append the new metadef-tags with the existing metadef-tags
In the Glance API we are not having the provision to append the new metadef-tags
with the existing metadef-tags. Introducing a new optional parameter would help
the user to select whether to append the tags or to go with current behaviour i.e.
overwrite the existing tags.
Problem description
Our md-tag-create-multiple (POST /v2/metadefs/namespaces/{namespace_name}/tags) API
overwrites existing tags for specified namespace rather than creating new one in
addition to the existing tags. Whereas if you try to create different tags using
md-tag-create (POST /v2/metadefs/namespaces/{namespace_name}/tags/{tag_name}) it is
adding new tag in addition to existing ones.
So we should have consistency between the two APIs i.e. the ability to append
the tags in md-tag-create-multiple API.
Proposed change
At the moment the glance API only overwrites the existing tags with the
newly created tags i.e. the original/default behaviour. The new behaviour suggests
to append the new tags with the existing ones.
The goal is to provide an optional header ``X-Openstack-Append`` that takes boolean
values, which will default to the original behaviour. If not present, the behavior is
the same as passing ``X-Openstack-Append: False``.
If header is present then we are going to append new tags else keep the old behavior.
In addition to this we will add an optional parameter at glanceclient side
which will default to the original behaviour and if the user wants to append the
new tags it can be by changing the value of parameter to True.
Data model impact
REST API impact
We are going to change the API and will be adding a ``X-Openstack-Append`` in the header.
The rest API look like this:
.. code-block:: console
POST /v2/metadefs/namespaces/{namespace_name}/tags
Header fields::
* The <boolean> 'X-Openstack-Append' is an optional header, refers to appending the tags
to the existing tags.
It takes boolean values if True then it will append the tags ,if False it will
overwrite the tags, default value is False.
Example curl usage::
curl -i -X POST -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -H "X-Openstack-Append: False"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{"tags": [{"name": "sample1"}, {"name": "sample2"}]}'
Security impact
Notifications impact
Other end user impact
We will add an optional parameter ``--append`` to the glanceclient command
md-tag-create-multiple to provide the facility of appending the tags.
If the parameter is present then it will the append the tags to existing ones
else will overwrite the existing tags.
* Create multiple tags: ``glance md-tag-create-multiple <NAMESPACE> --names <NAMES> [--delim <DELIM>] --append``
Performance Impact
Other deployer impact
Developer impact
Primary assignee:
Other contributors:
Work Items
* Add a boolean parameter in the header and change API
functionality as per parameter's value
* Add an optional parameter ``--append`` at the client side
* Add unit test coverage for checking the functionality.
* Add tempest test
We will provide unit tests coverage for testing the
functionality based on the header.
Documentation Impact
The documentation needs to be updated with the new API behaviour.