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YuehuiLei c33e771b4e Add xena directory for specs
Change-Id: I9e7452c9f5bec5f5b0b5e288f5af8a0463a23840
2 years ago
Abhishek Kekane d7bbf47795 Create specs directory for Wallaby cycle
Change-Id: I1e856c5a31961c721231043891d6bdf058b0b552
3 years ago
Abhishek Kekane 4fef6d1812 Create specs directory for Victoria cycle
Change-Id: I3c94005ef8d8218e15636b1bb80a2269719035ad
3 years ago
Abhishek Kekane e798d407b9 Ussuri project priorities
Change-Id: If0a9b966ccb6e13537505004605fb2213e7cab5e
4 years ago
Zuul ccb013520d Merge "Create specs directory for Ussuri" 4 years ago
Abhishek Kekane 7b296e38d3 Create specs directory for Ussuri
Change-Id: I05185e69be13449777ead9247de370f9589e38e1
4 years ago
Erno Kuvaja ea68b4dfd6 Add priorities to Train page
Change-Id: I80a2bc7224328057b0eaf3b2aac0e349c50dc7a0
4 years ago
Abhishek Kekane 03f62891e3 Create specs directory for Train
Change-Id: Ic483bcc3d25903d69efbd77b31995de27040a5e4
4 years ago
zhangbailin 038f86cc55 Create specs directory for Stein
Change-Id: I04888049bed442fd0c744c1abd715425d5680807
5 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 39120f0001 Add release dates to Rocky priorities page
Change-Id: Iad2a0bed110557006dda026ec0e670e8405c4255
5 years ago
Brian Rosmaita ef0df98f9e Close out queens in glance-specs repo
Update queens specs from 'approved' to 'implemented' or to
rocky/approved or to untargeted, define the redirects, and
make appropriate changes on the supporting pages.

Change-Id: I48aa6a2f11831ffc544e8b02b0bfdb80aa51d3e2
5 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 7dba189b29 Add Queens priorities
Adds the Queens priorities list.  Also moves the old priority lists
to their own archive page in order to de-clutter the specs landing

Change-Id: I4b54f689575f3420ccc78670d71b26a8fe25f9f3
6 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 3cd96a49b8 Add Pike priorities
Formalize the priorities discussed at the February PTG and revised
during the April virtual midcycle meeting and at the May Summit/Forum.

Change-Id: I7f252ce0a6c634116b5afad40cba0d732eacfc61
6 years ago
Brian Rosmaita b8635e7b66 Add Ocata priorities
Publish the list of approved Ocata priorities for reference by
the wider OpenStack community.

Change-Id: Ib530f642f220f5ed586354a957cfd2e3223d75fc
7 years ago
Nikhil Komawar 4aad0c5381 Add newton priorities
Change-Id: I04a0221b7cc27318ddaba67ff81ca28b153a6d50
7 years ago
Flavio Percoco 864136bc19 Add Glance priorities for Mitaka
For this cycle, I believe we should be more strict on what is/isn't a
priority. Considering the latest feedback from the community and our
current team, we ought to be very careful.

This list does not exclude other works. It just clarifies what
the teams priorities are and where most of the time should probably go.

Also, this list does not define features and it doesn't replace specs.
Specs *must* be written and they'll be referenced in this list.

Change-Id: I312d0dcd815da10f083f2fb2a673f7c192c231f4
8 years ago