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Andreas Jaeger 80c60a7bd6 Cleanup py27 support and docs
Make a few cleanups:
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg
- Switch to using sphinx-build
- Cleanup doc/source/conf.py to remove now obsolete content.
- Use newer openstackdocstheme version
- Remove install_command from tox.ini, the default is fine

Change-Id: I3287169563c44d05cfab0329af9756f6de4f885c
3 years ago
zhangbailin 4f4f02469c Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
Mailinglists have been updated. Openstack-discuss replaces

Change-Id: I77b1c4056c4dc4ffe1efce96569da48beb836953
5 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 46fa54dd05 Update glance-specs to use openstackdocstheme
Maintenance on oslosphinx ended with the Pike release.  This
patch includes the following changes:
* switch to openstackdocstheme
* set context options for openstackdocstheme
  - glance-specs doesn't have its own bug tracker, so config
    to create bugs in the glance bug tracker with tag 'glance-specs'
* update requirements file
* update setup.cfg to use warning-is-error
* update four specs whose warnings were previously ignored
* add an '_extra' directory with stub .htaccess file
* configure docs build to include '_extra'
* update build command in tox.ini

Change-Id: I4da477fd39685a22fb4ef9d702af9b9a79bda0c2
6 years ago
nizam c0653bf471 Changed the home-page of glance-specs in setup.cfg
Instead of pointing to openstack.org, the homepage has been
changed to point to the homepage of glance-specs.

Change-Id: Iff8d57eaa529acba3bf6fd8d6a0e8a3a436446c2
7 years ago
Arnaud Legendre 0a12603132 Add base glance-specs framework
Build the base framework for the glance-specs repository.

Change-Id: I6d7c1c644798a8d461927f459397a8cb905644e7
9 years ago