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Hemanth Makkapati ca6d06695c Fix deactivate/reactivate error to 403 in spec
As it is, Glance correctly returns a 403 when one attempts to
deactivate (reactivate) an image that is not in active (deactivated)
status. A typo in the current spec incorrectly states that a 400
is returned in this situation. This patch corrects the typo.

No code fix is required.

Closes-Bug: #1445487

Change-Id: I7d7ed4716bffa69fa5f7f17145a1b64acc1cdbfa
2015-08-13 10:30:03 -05:00
Eddie Sheffield 76f9ca8f10 Operations to deactivate and reactivate an image
In order to provide administrators a way to temporarily prevent
the download and usage of a potentially harmful image, this
spec proposes the addition of operations to Glance supporting
the concept of a 'deactivated' image.

Addresses: bp deactivate-image

DocImpact APIImpact

Change-Id: I2ec467e33d5d376ede6e3f63245e0e0a82f04bdb
2015-02-20 11:32:12 -05:00