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XiaojueGuan 5fa4c2114c Trivial: update url to new url
Change-Id: Ibaf89ec28e9dd9fd9a252034e1a2a3f6db04c364
2019-01-31 06:16:57 +00:00
melissaml fca7ef0a19 Fix a typo in semver-support.rst

Change-Id: I532035eb0e52145ec4ea5aa68ca4aa3d387dd3cb
2016-11-19 16:04:39 +08:00
melissaml 12026065cf Fix spelling of 'OpenStack' in spec docs
According to the word choice convention in
We should use OpenStack instead of Openstack or openstack.


Change-Id: I341f45c57b0fa68de9d185c551d9d570ccf1a4fb
2016-10-28 09:37:52 +08:00
Alexander Tivelkov 822922d70c Semver Utility for DB storage
Working with versions of various objects is a common problem, which already has
a number of market-adopted solutions. One of these solutions is Semantic
Versioning - a system of rules and requirements for assigning version numbers
to software components and other objects. One can find the specification for
SemVer freely at

It is proposed to add support of the semantic versioning concept into Glance,
so Glance objects (starting from Artifacts, but probably including Images in
future) may be properly versioned.

Change-Id: I72f7233f09ea36556fd46cab389988d1698eac37
2015-02-27 17:59:08 +03:00