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Ocata Review Priorities

Here are the Ocata review priorities.

Priority Item Owner(s) Spec(s)
OpenStack "Community" Goal
Community Images
Image Import Refactor
Rolling Upgrades

Important dates

This is an abbreviated list focused on dates relevant to Glance. See Ocata Release Schedule for the complete list for OpenStack.

Milestone Week of What
R-15 November 7 Glance spec proposal freeze
R-14 November 14 O-1 milestone
R-13 November 21 Glance spec freeze
R-10 December 12 O-2 milestone
R-9 through R-7 December 19 through January 6 expect team to be half-strength (at best) due to holidays
R-5 January 16 glance_store Ocata release (final release for non-client libraries)
R-4 January 23 O-3 milestone, Glance feature freeze, python-glanceclient Ocata release (final release for client libraries)
R-3 January 30 RC-1 release and string freeze
R-1 February 13 final RCs
R-0 February 20 Ocata release