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Queens Review Priorities

The Queens review priorities were discussed at the Denver PTG and refined during the spec review process early in the Queens cycle. The preliminary list was maintained on the Denver PTG etherpad.

This list is an estimate of what the Glance project team can accomplish during the Queens cycle based on our developers' estimates of how much time they can commit to Glance. If additional resources become available, it's possible that some of the ../specs/untargeted/index could be added to Queens.

The following list is roughly in priority order (highest to lowest).

Priority Item Owner(s) Spec(s)
Image Import Refactor Erno Kuvaja image import refactor
Inject Metadata Automatically Abhishek Kekane inject metadata automatically
Secure Hash Algorithm Support Scott McClymont multihash
Fix OSSN-0075 Brian Rosmaita fix ossn-0075
Glanceclient: Switch to Turn Off Schema Validation unassigned validation switch
Refactor Glance Scrubber Xiyuan Wang refactor glance scrubber
Remove the Images API v1 Brian Rosmaita remove v1
Actually Deprecate the Glance Registry Erno Kuvaja deprecate glance registry
Glanceclient: Deprecate Images API v1 Support Brian Rosmaita deprecate v1 support
OpenStack Queens "Community" Goal Lance Bragstad policy in code

Important dates

This is an abbreviated list focused on dates relevant to Glance. See Queens Release Schedule for the complete list for OpenStack.

Milestone Week of What
R-22 Sept 25 Glance spec proposal freeze (Thursday 28 Sept 13:00 UTC)
R-21 Oct 2 Glance spec freeze (Friday 6 Oct 23:59 UTC)
R-19 Oct 16 Q-1 milestone
R-16 Nov 6 Sydney Summit/Forum (expect low activity)
R-12 Dec 4 Q-2 milestone
R-9 Dec 25 Holidays (expect low activity)
R-8 Jan 1 Holidays (expect low activity)
R-6 Jan 8 glance_store Queens release (final release for non-client libraries)
R-5 Jan 22
  • Q-3 milestone
  • Glance feature freeze
  • python-glanceclient Queens release (final release for client libraries);
  • remove Images API v1
  • remove Registry API v1
  • Queens community goal completion
R-3 Feb 5 RC-1 release and string freeze
R-1 Feb 19 final RCs
R-0 Feb 26 Queens release