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Ussuri Project Priorities

The Ussuri review priorities were discussed at the Shanghai PTG. The preliminary list was maintained on the Shanghai PTG etherpad.

This list is an estimate of what the Glance project team can accomplish during the Ussuri cycle based on our developers' estimates of how much time they can commit to Glance.

The following list is roughly indicates milestonewise priorities.

Priority Item Owner(s) Spec(s) Target release milestone
Remove native ssl support Erno Kuvaja None M1
Import image in multiple stores Grégoire Unbekandt multiple image import M2
Copy existing image in multiple stores Abhishek Kekane copy image in multiple stores M2
S3 driver for glance_store Naohiro Sameshima s3 driver M2
remove sheepdog driver from glance_store Abhishek Kekane None M2
Permanent solution for Subunit parser error Abhishek Kekane None M2
Nova - snapshot/backup upload to multiple stores Abhishek Kekane nova snapshot M2
Cinder - volume upload to multiple stores Abhishek Kekane cinder uploadtoimage M2
Cluster awareness of glance API nodes Erno Kuvaja cluster awareness M2
remove registry code from glance Abhishek Kekane None M2
Delete image from single store Erno Kuvaja delete store from image M2
image-import.conf parsing issue with uwsgi Unassigned None M2
Multiple cinder store support in glance_store Abhishek Kekane cinder glance_store M3
Image encryption Josephine Seifert image encryption M3
Tempest work Abhishek Kekane None M3

Important dates

This is an abbreviated list focused on dates relevant to Glance. See Ussuri Release Schedule for the complete list for OpenStack.

R-22 Dec 13 U-1 milestone
R-13 Feb 14 U-2 milestone
R-6 April 03 glance_store Ussuri release (final release for non-client libraries)
R-5 April 22
  • U-3 milestone
  • Glance feature freeze
  • python-glanceclient Ussuri release (final release for client libraries);
R-3 April 24 RC-1 release and string freeze
R-1 May 08 final RCs
R-0 May 15 Ussuri release