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Change-Id: Ibaf89ec28e9dd9fd9a252034e1a2a3f6db04c364
4 years ago
artifact-repository.rst spelling error 5 years ago
catalog-index-service.rst Catalog Index Service 8 years ago
conversion-of-images.rst Add support for basic image conversion 8 years ago
create-glance-manage-conf.rst Remove explicit cycle names 9 years ago
deactivate-image.rst Fix deactivate/reactivate error to 403 in spec 8 years ago
example.rst Add Spec Dir for "kilo" release 9 years ago
index.rst Enable indexing for Kilo's specs 8 years ago
introspection-of-images.rst Add spec for Image Introspection blueprint 8 years ago
metadata-multivalue-operators-support.rst Metadata multivalue operators support 8 years ago
metadefs-notifications.rst Notification Support for Metadata Definitions 8 years ago
metadefs-tags.rst Tag Catalog Support For Metadata Definitions 9 years ago
pass-targets-to-policy-enforcer.rst Pass Targets to Glance's Policy Enforcer 8 years ago
replace-snet-config-with-endpoint-config.rst Spec to replace snet config with endpoint config 8 years ago
semver-support.rst Trivial: update url to new url 4 years ago
sighup-conf-reload.rst Reload configuration files on SIGHUP signal 8 years ago
software-metadefs.rst Software Metadata Definitions 8 years ago
sorting-enhancements.rst Glance sorting API specification 8 years ago
store-capabilities.rst Add capabilities to storage driver 8 years ago
swift-store-multiple-containers.rst Spec for Swift Store to use Multiple Container 9 years ago
taskflow-integration.rst Trivial: update url to new url 4 years ago
vmware-store-multiple-datastores.rst Spec for VMware Store to use multiple datastores 8 years ago