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Brian Rosmaita 459ad922c9 Introduce 'untargeted' specs
This commit adds an 'untargeted' directory to hold orphaned specs
that were approved but aren't being worked on.  A new index.rst is
added explaining the idea, and adjustments are made to other
appropriate index pages.  Additionally, one glanceclient spec from
liberty was stuck in a non-release-name directory; it was moved to
the liberty directory, which in turn was slightly reorganized to
accommodate both glance and glanceclient specs.

Change-Id: I074fc782eca1c3e3c9a1c504501973300741b110
6 years ago
approved Introduce 'untargeted' specs 6 years ago
glanceclient Introduce 'untargeted' specs 6 years ago
index.rst Introduce 'untargeted' specs 6 years ago