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bhagyashris f8736b39af Introduce db sync check feature
Lite-spec for a dry-run option for db upgrades in glance-manage.

This spec is moved from /specs/untargeted/glance/lite-spec-db-sync-check.rst
to /specs/queens/implemented/glance/lite-spec-db-sync-check.rst because it was
implemented by change I1e0b02d615690f65a17b4ccfe4e4a72cc9e15ada

Change-Id: Ice1ab9657e236d969df50016a3b47a893e6aff0c
5 years ago
approved Close out queens in glance-specs repo 5 years ago
implemented Introduce db sync check feature 5 years ago
index.rst Move implemented spec to 'implemented' 6 years ago