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@@ -284,6 +284,11 @@ If you are using the ``copy-image`` import method:
the user. In case of a partial success, the locations added to the
image will be the stores where the data has been correctly uploaded.

- By default, you may perform the copy-image operation only on images that
you own. This action is governed by policy, so some users may be granted
permission to copy unowned images. Consult your cloud's local
documentation for details.

**Synchronous Postconditions**

- With correct permissions, you can see the image status as

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@@ -214,7 +214,12 @@ Configuring the copy-image method

For the ``copy-image`` method, make sure that ``copy-image`` is included
in the list specified by your ``enabled_import_methods`` setting as well
as you have multiple glance backends configured in your environment.
as you have multiple glance backends configured in your environment. To
allow copy-image operation to be performed by users on images they do
not own, you can set the `copy_image` policy to something other than
the default, for example::

"copy_image": "'public':%(visibility)s"

.. _iir_plugins:

@@ -223,6 +228,13 @@ Copying existing-image in multiple stores
Starting with Ussuri release, it is possible to copy existing image data
into multiple stores using interoperable image import workflow.

Basically user will be able to copy only those images which are
owned by him. Unless the copying of unowned images are allowed by
cloud operator by enforcing policy check, user will get Forbidden
(Operation not permitted response) for such copy operations. Even if
copying of unowned images is allowed by enforcing policy, ownership of
the image remains unchanged.

Operator or end user can either copy the existing image by specifying
``all_stores`` as True in request body or by passing list of desired
stores in request body. If ``all_stores`` is specified and image data