509 Commits (stable/ocata)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hemanth Makkapati 9859df2d1f Add expand/migrate/contract migrations for CI 2 years ago
  Alexander Bashmakov 0f0354a8b8 Add expand/migrate/contract commands to glance-manage CLI 2 years ago
  Hemanth Makkapati 95c7c1b753 Refactor tests to use Alembic to run migrations 2 years ago
  Hemanth Makkapati 21d431013f Port Glance Migrations to Alembic 2 years ago
  Dharini Chandrasekar 689dfae6db Refine migration query added with CI change 2 years ago
  Ian Cordasco 18acc704a1 Fix regression introduced by Community Images 2 years ago
  Timothy Symanczyk 265659e8c3 Implement and Enable Community Images 2 years ago
  Cyril Roelandt 6540f9319a Python 3: fix glance.tests.functional.db.test_sqlalchemy 2 years ago
  Alexander Bashmakov 9968b0993f Added overwrite warning for db_export_metadefs. 2 years ago
  Li Wei d2eb38dc44 Drop unused import cfg 2 years ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong acb3ce08c3 TrivialFix: Remove unused variable 2 years ago
  wangxiyuan 2f803d3fa9 Remove DB downgrade 3 years ago
  Brian Rosmaita 5085b29bc2 Improving help text for metadefs config option 2 years ago
  Ha Van Tu ff83038549 Fix using filter() to meet python2,3 2 years ago
  Hemanth Makkapati ea010a26f4 Update sqlalchemy-migrate url 3 years ago
  Bin Zhou 690249b250 Correct reraising of exception 3 years ago
  GeetikaBatra 38563b0555 Add a soft delete functionality for tasks. 4 years ago
  Dinesh Bhor 9338e5c046 Add check to limit maximum value of max_rows 3 years ago
  bhagyashris 6e10f1b4c9 Return BadRequest for 4 byte unicode characters 3 years ago
  Pankaj Mishra 385ffab06f Modified message of exception and log 3 years ago
  dineshbhor 371043656b Fix db purge type validation 3 years ago
  Niall Bunting def8cfdeef Copy the size of the tag set 3 years ago
  Tom Cocozzello adfc7e5a3f fix docstring warnings and errors 3 years ago
  Abhishek Kekane 79c602507c glance-manage db purge failure for limit 3 years ago
  Darja Shakhray c686033348 Fix update all props when you delete image 3 years ago
  Dinesh Bhor 117642393a Fix message formatting in glance-manage purge 3 years ago
  Cyril Roelandt 7e161ada97 Python 3: fix glance.tests.functional.db.simple 3 years ago
  Darja Shakhray 6007061943 Added support new v2 API image filters 3 years ago
  Alexander Tivelkov b974a63660 Move Glance Artifact Repository API to separate endpoint 3 years ago
  Travis Tripp 33ae05ee86 Change Metadefs OS::Nova::Instance to OS::Nova::Server 3 years ago
  Lakshmi N Sampath 4b0ce57c73 Fix for Image members not generating notifications 3 years ago
  Sabari Kumar Murugesan 700b7ef26d Fix re-adding deleted members to an image in v1 3 years ago
  houming-wang 5372220afd Remove unused logging import 3 years ago
  Mike Fedosin 2e2adb3935 Fix model sync for SQLite 3 years ago
  Martin Mágr 9a6823326b Add db purge command 3 years ago
  Julien Danjou 4d5330088f Replace oslo_utils.timeutils 3 years ago
  Drew Varner 62b5ebc718 Assert problems in Glance raised by Bandit 3 years ago
  kairat_kushaev c27c25f779 Import i18n functions directly 3 years ago
  wangxiyuan d13f088cac Fix default value with postgreSQL 4 years ago
  leo.young bcbfa598e8 Change the format of some inconsistent docstring 3 years ago
  Darja Shakhray 6051146bbe Fix 500 error when filtering by 'created_at' and 'updated_at' 3 years ago
  kairat_kushaev e2c8b23129 Format log messages correctly 3 years ago
  Shuquan Huang c6f7d39e48 OpenStack typo 3 years ago
  Steve Lewis a4c6f12636 Support new v2 API image filters 4 years ago
  Victor Stinner f85590f4d8 Port v1.test_registry_api to Python 3 3 years ago
  wangxiyuan fc2acd92d8 Use dict comprehension 3 years ago
  Deepti Ramakrishna e37cb511f2 Show the file name when there is an error loading an image metadef file 4 years ago
  Alexei Kornienko ae97de9674 Don't allow queries with 'IN' predicate with an empty sequence 5 years ago
  kairat_kushaev 37fa0fca83 Change string generation mechanism for info logging 3 years ago
  kairat_kushaev fd175a8dcc Fix mutable defaults in tests 3 years ago