Stein cycle Release Notes

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Erno Kuvaja 4 years ago
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This was a quiet development cycle for the ``glance_store`` library.
One new feature was added to the Filesystem store driver. Several bugs
were fixed and some code changes were committed to increase stability.
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A chunk size config option was added to the filesystem driver to allow
some performance tweaking. The former hardcoded 64 KB is the current
default value.
- |
Removal of ``stores`` and ``default_store`` has been postponed until
Train cycle to allow time to move multiple backends stores from being
EXPERIMENTAL due to some unresolved issues with the feature.
- |
* Bug 1785641_: Fix Defaults for ConfigParser
* Bug 1808456_: Catch rdb NoSpace Exception
* Bug 1813092_: Fix some types in the FS and VMware drivers
* Bug 1815335_: Do not raise StopIteration
* Bug 1816721_: Fix python3 compatibility of rbd get_fsid
.. _1785641:
.. _1808456:
.. _1813092:
.. _1815335:
.. _1816721: