441 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alfredo Moralejo ed356fc6b4 Do not include ETag when puting manifest in chunked uploads 1 week ago
  wangxiyuan 1d25a2b7a2 Prevent unicode object error from zero-byte read 4 months ago
  Tim Burke d3029fe4b4 Return bytes even when get()ing a zero-byte image from swift 1 month ago
  Lucian Petrut ea1cad2bed Filesystem driver: add chunk size config option 7 months ago
  Michal Arbet 9c73370358 Fix python3 compatibility of rbd get_fsid 2 months ago
  Cyril Roelandt d54ee8437f Do not raise StopIteration 2 months ago
  Cyril Roelandt ac5abddb6f Fix some types in the FS and VMware drivers 3 months ago
  Brian Rosmaita 429402b541 Update deprecation notices 4 months ago
  Liang Fang 7377cf2638 Catch rbd NoSpace exception 4 months ago
  Chuck Short aefad17de8 Remove moxstubout usage 5 months ago
  Abhishek Kekane da494d4abb Provision to add new config options in sample config file 7 months ago
  Cyril Roelandt 6ce857397d Fix defaults for ConfigParser 7 months ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 045dc83718 Imported Translations from Zanata 8 months ago
  Brian Rosmaita 4d4cf1559c Wrap interface function for multihash correctly 8 months ago
  Erno Kuvaja 2c35f16ff1 Consider Cinder back-end as production ready 9 months ago
  Sean McGinnis 1bbe9b3f8a Remove config option help translation 9 months ago
  Scott McClymont ba9808cebb Multihash Implementation for Glance 1 year ago
  Sean McGinnis d4c5fa95e5 Address multi store nits 9 months ago
  Abhishek Kekane a114c41d11 Multi store support for cinder driver 10 months ago
  Abhishek Kekane 2636a4121b Multi store support for http, swift, sheepdog and vmware driver 10 months ago
  Abhishek Kekane 87114c8ec7 Enable multi store support for glance 10 months ago
  Abhishek Kekane 65959d6393 Deprecate stores, default_store config options 9 months ago
  Tomoki Sekiyama d50ab63e13 specify region on creating cinderclient 9 months ago
  Tomoki Sekiyama 68784feef2 cinder: Specify mountpoint host param to attach API 9 months ago
  Brian Rosmaita 5a20d47cd3 Deprecate store_capabilities_update_min_interval 10 months ago
  kairat_kushaev cc97b94903 use only exceptions for uri validations 1 year ago
  yanghuichan 881b208f31 Fix wrong links in glance_store 1 year ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong 90911fe855 Clean imports in code 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot a78ce082c2 Imported Translations from Zanata 1 year ago
  Brian Rosmaita 33e6b01642 Migrate legacy jobs to project repository 1 year ago
  Jake Yip 3e5c72f54e Fix BufferedReader writing zero size chunks 1 year ago
  kairat_kushaev 9ace679c1d Use cached auth_ref instead of gettin a new one each time 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 9f336d7365 Imported Translations from Zanata 1 year ago
  yfzhao 29d169a7a9 TrivialFix: Correct reST field lists in docstrings 1 year ago
  Tim Burke c3c5b75b49 Expand sz to size 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot ea0d15330f Imported Translations from Zanata 1 year ago
  zhangdaolong 0c5b04a59c Cinder driver: TypeError in _open_cinder_volume 2 years ago
  Doug Hellmann 23f9d74388 set warning-is-error for documentation build 1 year ago
  Szymon Datko 2c65bf7f1a Fixed tests due to updated oslo.config 1 year ago
  Eric Harney d16dff9a08 Initialize privsep root_helper command 2 years ago
  Sławek Kapłoński a783a7442b Don't fail when trying to unprotect unprotected snapshot on RBD 2 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot b8918f2b68 Imported Translations from Zanata 2 years ago
  Brian D. Elliott 2e0024c85c Buffered reader: Upload recovery for swift store 4 years ago
  gengchc2 edc19a290b Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 2 years ago
  Dharini Chandrasekar d6f3c4e2d9 Use HostAddressOpt for store opts that accept IP and hostnames 2 years ago
  Adam Kijak f614b345be An unit test passes because is launched as non-root user 2 years ago
  ChangBo Guo(gcb) 93f5570bde Fix SafeConfigParser DeprecationWarning in Python 3.2+ 2 years ago
  Matt Smith ccc9696e3f Correct error msg variable that could be unassigned 2 years ago
  Matt Smith 802c5a7854 Fixing string formatting bug in log message. 2 years ago
  Tim Burke f1eb81eec3 Log at error when we intend to reraise the exception 2 years ago