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Abhishek Kekane 87114c8ec7 Enable multi store support for glance
Added supporting logic to configure, manage and use multiple stores
of the same or different type/scheme. Added new config option
'default_backend' which will be used to specifiy default store
to which image will be stored.

Added support for file and rbd store. The default behavior is
maintained for backward compatibility.

Partial-Implements: bp multi-store

Change-Id: I1f2e8fa61d6dfecd8395a1f894f74ec5bcb5573c
5 years ago
Flavio Percoco a1c59a1575 Rename to glance_store
Given the existing, known issues, with python namespaces, pip and
setuptools, we've decided to rename into glance_store.

Change-Id: I3f02ce78b3d64f34744e5116652bfbb4f3062cbf
9 years ago