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Takashi Kajinami b07dd1d2f8 Remove logic for Python <= 2.6
9 months ago
liyou01 5ff06df97f Remove Python 2 support
10 months ago
Hervé Beraud 3d476079a4 Stop to use the __future__ module.
3 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 279ea4766e Update hacking for Python3
3 years ago
Paul Belanger d0657add82
5 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 3795c3fe35 Improve tools/
7 years ago
yuyafei 19d8df31fd Replace dict.iterkeys with six.iterkeys to make PY3 compatible
7 years ago
Nikhil Komawar ea4483c0bf tox respects upper-constraints.txt
7 years ago
Brian D. Elliott 5bfe34f744 Add a
9 years ago