46 Commits (master)

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  Brian Rosmaita 94ade76bc3 Update tox.ini to conform to the PTI 1 year ago
  Nguyen Hai b65459e69d Follow the new PTI for document build 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 573fde0ff9 fix tox python3 overrides 10 months ago
  Paul Belanger d0657add82
Remove tox_install.sh 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann d4b3117295 add lower-constraints job 1 year ago
  Brian Rosmaita 33e6b01642 Migrate legacy jobs to project repository 1 year ago
  Hoang Trung Hieu 2a32fb63fa Add doc8 to pep8 check for glance_store project 1 year ago
  Li Wei 963e2a0fd1 Add python 3.5 in classifier and envlist 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 521b6e7dff Use constraints for all tox environments 2 years ago
  Nikhil Komawar 4432e60af2 Remove S3 driver 2 years ago
  song jian 830211c9fb Don't include openstack/common in flake8 exclude list 2 years ago
  Eric Brown 79532ea599 Add bandit to pep8 and bandit testenv 3 years ago
  Niall Bunting 57cea8d0dd Split functional tests apart 2 years ago
  Niall Bunting 5829046f72 Remove -c from tox.ini 2 years ago
  Nikhil Komawar ea4483c0bf tox respects upper-constraints.txt 2 years ago
  Niall Bunting 1e87dfdec8 Add functional tests for swift 3 years ago
  Danny Al-Gaaf 7b94d3c141 tox: use os-testr instead of testr 3 years ago
  Louis Taylor a9d6cceaa4 Add base for functional tests 3 years ago
  Flavio Percoco d34a6e7495 Remove the gridfs driver 3 years ago
  Ondřej Nový f5b323f4cf Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed 3 years ago
  Flavio Percoco ec02a149c3 Add docs section to tox.ini 3 years ago
  Drew Varner 36469dd2bf Add reno for release notes management in glance_store 3 years ago
  Shuquan Huang e3f6e231bc Put py34 first in the env order of tox 3 years ago
  THOMAS J. COCOZZELLO 5db9852314 Activate pep8 check that _ is imported 3 years ago
  Louis Taylor 29a84f7ced Add explicit dependencies for store dependencies 3 years ago
  Victor Stinner 017064d295 setup.cfg: add Python 3 classifiers 3 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 9d5ceab122 Drop py26 support 4 years ago
  JordanP 94d1e0f847 Move to hacking 0.10 4 years ago
  Radoslaw Smigielski 36e293b5d5 Fixing PEP8 E712 and E265 4 years ago
  Zhi Yan Liu 7d24312c4f Use testr directly from tox 4 years ago
  Louis Taylor fde5fae723 Use testr directly from tox 4 years ago
  Oleksii Chuprykov f8d493bceb Enable F841 check 4 years ago
  Oleksii Chuprykov 71ae81d69c Fix H402 4 years ago
  Zhi Yan Liu 578299499c Portback part change of enabling F821 check 4 years ago
  Oleksii Chuprykov 03d79fe88a Run tests parallel by default 4 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley bbeaae17d5 Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco a1c59a1575 Rename glance.store to glance_store 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco df6d73d59c Added testr 5 years ago
  Flavio Percoco a4dafcd6a1 Add requirements and testr 5 years ago