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Andreas Jaeger 3795c3fe35 Improve tools/
Inspired from the tox_install script in the python-openstackclient, this
commit brings in the following improvements to glance_store's

* Do not leave temporary directory around, instead delete temporary
  directory directly after usage (change
* Do not set ZUUL_BRANCH explicitely and remove unused if condition
  (change I0077c986a17d6bb92791474e03d1e77776e9382f).

Change-Id: I1dfa42eac22f3f9515d69146a25c4f96e55523e4
7 years ago
.. Replace dict.iterkeys with six.iterkeys to make PY3 compatible 7 years ago Add a 9 years ago Add a 9 years ago Improve tools/ 7 years ago Add a 9 years ago