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whoami-rajat f5d4699613 Add lock per share for cinder nfs mount/umount
With cinder configured as glance store and nfs as cinder backend,
if we create multiple images concurrently into the same share,
there might be race conditions.
This patch ensures a lock per export to avoid the race conditions.

This patch also introduces a reference counting mechamism for unmounting
which will unmount the share if no active thread/process is using it.

Closes-Bug: #1870289

Change-Id: I9197f64e29a0ae2e0a58186f1a70aa134f7f1db6
3 years ago
rootwrap.d Add lock per share for cinder nfs mount/umount 3 years ago
rootwrap.conf Move rootwrap config files from etc/* into etc/glance/* 7 years ago