Glance stores library
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Sean McGinnis ff65eec040
Remove sheepdog tests from zuul config
The sheepdog project is no longer maintained [0], so this removes the
test configuration as part of an effort to clean up those test
definitions. The glance_store support for sheepdog should also be
deprecated and removed, but that will be done separately.


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2019-07-05 06:47:56 -05:00
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Glance Store Library

Glance's stores library

This library has been extracted from the Glance source code for the specific use of the Glance and Glare projects.

The API it exposes is not stable, has some shortcomings, and is not a general purpose interface. We would eventually like to change this, but for now using this library outside of Glance or Glare will not be supported by the core team.