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  Amy Marrich (spotz) 48756a4af1 Added Election Officials for Aug 18 Elections 10 months ago
  Melvin Hillsman 81dd1c4e34 Add August 2018 election link 10 months ago
  Zuul e6485190e9 Merge "User Committee election August 2018" 11 months ago
  Melvin Hillsman 68b7522b22 User Committee election August 2018 11 months ago
  Tobias Rydberg 12bc810098 Removed old co-chair and updated email address. 11 months ago
  Zuul 3ff3ccc799 Merge "Subject: Remove inactive working groups" 1 year ago
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  Matt Van Winkle c309a57580 Subject: Remove inactive working groups 1 year ago
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  Melvin Hillsman 801b699a9c Update 'Current Members' table 1 year ago
  Melvin Hillsman c1cfcb73ff Add election results 1 year ago
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  Melvin Hillsman 3054ba0c34 Add election officials 1 year ago
  Melvin Hillsman 8c99e15888 Add February 2018 election information 1 year ago
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  Melvin Hillsman 57a7794ef0 Add all teams 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3eea359184 Merge "Add all working groups" 1 year ago
  Tom Fifield c7b0f25222 Update UC members after Aug 2017 election 1 year ago
  Melvin Hillsman a8f116d9b7 Add all working groups 2 years ago
  Melvin Hillsman 0738b5bfe6 Add aucs and extra-aucs examples 1 year ago
  Edgar Magana 82a4910403 Adding Ed Leafe as official for UC election August 2017 1 year ago
  Edgar Magana ad922f9938 Adding Amy as offcial for UC election August 2017 1 year ago
  Shamail Tahir 61ffd76427 Minor Formatting Changes to WG/Team Requirements 1 year ago
  Shamail Tahir 19d5d07475 Add UC working group and team requirements to UC Governance 1 year ago
  Tom Fifield 87e6c21026 Add August 2017 election information 2 years ago
  Jenkins 8976ade0b0 Merge "beautify links" 2 years ago
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  Tom Fifield 987ad036e6 Fix election email check instructions 2 years ago