Add Stackforge Namespace Retirement resolution

This adds a resolution to retire the stackforge/ namespace in
favor of allowing all projects to use the openstack/ namespace.
This facilitates project development lifecycle transitions between
Stackforge and Openstack.

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2015-06-15 Stackforge Namespace Retirement
The Stackforge project provides an environment for projects to share
the OpenStack project's development resources and methodology, and
otherwise participate in the OpenStack community. It enables projects
to deeply interact with OpenStack in development and testing, whether
they seek to become "core" OpenStack projects or not.
This is an extremely valuable service that benefits our entire
community, including new as well as established projects.
With recent changes in project governance, the OpenStack project has
opened itself to including a much wider range of projects under its
umbrella. Because of this, projects are moving between Stackforge and
OpenStack at a much higher frequency than previously.
The names of projects hosted in the OpenStack project infrastructure
have prefixes that have been used for distinguishing Stackforge
("stackforge/") and OpenStack ("openstack/") projects. Because these
prefixes form part of the full name of the project's source code
repository, organizational changes entail renaming the project. This
is complex for the Infrastructure team and very disruptive to
developers, operators, and users.
In order to simplify software development lifecycle transitions of
Stackforge and OpenStack projects, all projects developed within the
OpenStack project infrastructure will be permitted to use the
"openstack/" namespace.
The "openstack/" namespace is intended to convey that projects
contained within it are developed by the OpenStack community at large.
Only some of the projects within will be official OpenStack projects