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Mark McLoughlin 3a4f32edd3 Add some pre-history meeting summaries
Add some bullet points about the last year-or-so of TC meetings to give
us a handy record of decisions so where we know to find a more detailed
summary of those decisions.

Change-Id: Ib5198d0da0c254b077823c763c24c90f3dda7865
2013-11-11 09:08:57 -06:00
Mark McLoughlin 368123db1d Add URLs from past TC/PPB/POC meetings
We need to go back through our past decisions and capture them in this
repo. Obviously that's going to take a lot of work, but a first step is
to be able to easily find the links to all previous meetings.

Change-Id: I73351b8db3c4d24283b5e011bf943c0a36b207f5
2013-10-07 16:33:46 +01:00
Thierry Carrez be9fc6e412 Initial structure and reference documents
Create initial repository structure and add the following
reference documents:

- charter: The authoritative copy of the TC charter (copied from wiki)
- members: Current TC members with election expiration
- programs.yaml: List of official programs including PTLs, codenames,
  mission statements...
- extra-atcs: List of people being granted an ATC exception

Change-Id: Ia2df3bf0808af8cfa306092442160d5ecb14dfb0
2013-09-26 11:48:35 +02:00
OpenStack Project Creator 18f1aa6500 Added .gitreview 2013-08-30 16:00:06 +00:00