2249 Commits (6e53c1cce8a9b07ded2c67134c3bdae1dfdd049b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hervé Beraud f32804bb19 monasca-log-api & monasca-ceilometer does not make releases 4 months ago
  Akihiro Motoki b853a4baf1 Retire tempest-horizon 3 months ago
  Brian Rosmaita 9a1395a499 Add assert:supports-api-interoperability to cinder 3 months ago
  Dmitriy Rabotyagov 38b78643fe Create ansible-role-pki repo 3 months ago
  Slawek Kaplonski eb15758b1f Add assert:supports-api-interoperability tag to neutron 3 months ago
  Brian Rosmaita 3a466d5856 Add rbd-iscsi-client to cinder project 3 months ago
  Hervé Beraud d3da778048 js-openstack-lib does not make releases 4 months ago
  Marios Andreou 3316f540a5 Move openstack-tempest-skiplist to release-management: none 4 months ago
  chenker 9591e8509c Setting Ke Chen as Watcher's PTL 4 months ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 39ee75bd70 [manila] add assert:supports-api-interoperability 4 months ago
  Yumeng Bao 37f1ef1022 Setting Xinran Wang as Cyborg's PTL 4 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 3066bd78c0 molteniron does not make releases 4 months ago
  PranaliD 91aa0a43c6 Add glance-tempest-plugin to Glance 5 months ago
  Kendall Nelson 9945807de2 Remove Karbor project team 5 months ago
  Dmitriy Rabotyagov 7abe28feb2 Revive os_monasca 5 months ago
  Dmitriy Rabotyagov eceaf51e70 Deprecate openstack-ansible-galera_client role 5 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 7aeb864eba Remove Searchlight project team 5 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 7e2119e18a Remove Qinling project team 5 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann e156a96e7d Generate the TC liaisons assignments 6 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann e0869c7359 Correct Dan Smith IRC nick in TC liaisons 6 months ago
  Liam Young 2b15c2ccfc Add Magpie charm to OpenStack charms 6 months ago
  Balazs Gibizer 04ebd5733e Move Placement under Nova's governance 6 months ago
  Kendall Nelson a22d24a432 Add diablo_rojo liaison preferences 6 months ago
  ricolin b71043aa2a Add ricolin liaison preferences 6 months ago
  Dan Smith 91ee6dd5bc Add danms liaison preferences 7 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 0b04f819c4 Add gmann liaison preference 7 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 613d260173 Resetting projects' TC liaisons empty 7 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley d9f19868cb Update projects with Telemetry PTL election result 6 months ago
  Hervé Beraud 8c94410a20 Adding missing IRC nick 6 months ago
  Hervé Beraud c056a73f66 Adopting the DPL governance model for oslo 7 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann c387ba5f18 Implement distributed leadership in tools and schema 7 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 4d9e3664c9 Appoint XueFeng Liu as Senlin PTL 7 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 0f80845a19 Appoint Adam Harwell as Octavia PTL 7 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 4a4b2625fb Appoint Rafael Weingartner as CloudKitty PTL 7 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 2194b956fc Appoint Frode Nordahl as OpenStack Charms PTL 7 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley b4b27b39eb Record Wallaby Cycle PTL and TC election results 7 months ago
  Gabriel Adrian Samfira 05bacce6ae Add Ironic charms to OpenStack charms 8 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 0a348d973f Migrate rpm-packaging to a SIG 8 months ago
  Ken Giusti 33ede7f86b Retire devstack-plugin-pika project 8 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 0453e047ec Remove tc:approved-release tag 8 months ago
  Radosław Piliszek 8382a1014b kolla-cli: deprecation - Mark as deprecated 8 months ago
  Gage Hugo 70fa9c9040 Add openstack-helm-deployments to openstack-helm 9 months ago
  Ken Giusti 403f588a82 Retire the devstack-plugin-zmq project 8 months ago
  Dmitriy Rabotyagov 7f1058a12c Add openstack-ansible/os_senlin role 8 months ago
  Douglas Mendizábal e7a8fe8478 Move ansible-role-XXX-hsm projects to Barbican team 9 months ago
  Radosław Piliszek e90a44648c Add etcd3gw to Oslo 9 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 56442877d6 Pierre Riteau as CloudKitty PTL for Victoria 9 months ago
  Liam Young fbebf372ac Add Ceph iSCSI charm to OpenStack charms 9 months ago
  Aurelien Lourot 4020026745 Add Keystone Kerberos charm to OpenStack charms 9 months ago
  Dmitriy Rabotyagov 3a3017f354 Deprecate os_congress project 10 months ago