OpenStack Technical Committee Decisions
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This tag is used to indicate the projects the TC recommends to the OpenStack Foundation Board as candidates for trademark use under the OpenStack Foundation trademark policy.


The "OpenStack TC Approved Release" is used as the superset of projects used by the OpenStack Foundation when creating commercial trademark programs. A commercial trademark program would not be able to have any requirements for code or functionality outside of what is included in this group. The foundation may choose to create trademark programs only related to a subset of the projects.

The projects included in this group should generally represent the most mature OpenStack projects. OpenStack Foundation commercial trademark programs use criteria developed by the DefCore subcommittee of the Foundation board of directors. This criteria is partially based on a set of capabilities provided by OpenStack Projects. The capabilities adopted by DefCore are ones that are mature, well adopted, and not expected to change in the near future.

This tag is applied to projects the TC considers suitable to be included in the set of "Trademark Designated OpenStack Software" as defined in the Foundation bylaws. Applying the tag is an indication that the TC is including the project in the "OpenStack TC Approved Release", following the guidelines laid out in sections 4.1 and 4.13 of the OpenStack Foundation Bylaws.


A project that receives the "tc-approved-release" tag should at a minimum meet the following requirements:

  • The TC approves the request for the tag to be applied to a project.

Additional criteria for applying this tag will be worked out at a future date.

Tag application process

A member of the DefCore committee may propose adding or removing this tag to a project by proposing a change to the openstack/governance repository. The change is reviewed by the Technical Committee and approved using standard resolution approval rules, including discussion at at least one Technical Committee public IRC meeting.


Deprecation of the use of this tag is governed by the bylaws, the trademark policy set out by the board, and the procedures the Board and TC have agreed to follow for communicating changes to the "Trademark Designated OpenStack Software".


We need a reference to that agreement, when we have it. We also need a reference to the deprecation policy the Board adopts, since that will influence our policy by at least setting a minimum.



Application to current projects

Initially, all projects that have the tag-integrated-release tag should be updated to also include this tag.