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# Full name (IRC nickname) [expires in]
Russell Bryant (russellb) [September 2013]
Thierry Carrez (ttx) [March 2014]
Julien Danjou (jd__) [September 2013]
John Dickinson (notmyname) [September 2013]
Anne Gentle (annegentle) [September 2013]
John Griffith (jgriffith) [September 2013]
Steven Hardy (shardy) [September 2013]
Gabriel Hurley (gabrielhurley) [September 2013]
Vish Ishaya (vishy) [March 2014]
Dolph Mathews (dolphm) [September 2013]
Mark McClain (markmcclain) [September 2013]
Mark McLoughlin (markmc) [September 2013]
Michael Still (mikal) [September 2013]
Monty Taylor (mordred) [September 2013]
Mark Washenberger (markwash) [September 2013]