26 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Herve 637e4260ca Change docker-cmd for recent paunch changes 6 months ago
  rabi 6e8e631d34 Organize heat-agents docs 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve 25cd394bbe Add py3.5 support 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 33241a84c1 docker-cmd hook switch to the paunch library 2 years ago
  Jiri Stransky 3eb25e7df3 Don't fail on warnings in docker-cmd 2 years ago
  Bogdan Dobrelya 5a694739a4 Add env_file for docker hook 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 2a59451676 docker-cmd: simplify building config ids for delete 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 7ea3e3aec6 Split string commands on whitespace 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 8b7af86908 Refactor docker cmd arg building 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 5c33973e7f Rename containers to their desired name 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 4d34592f4a Ensure unique container names 2 years ago
  Steve Baker b6dfdf8e99 Delete containers based on labels, not state files 2 years ago
  Steve Baker d30fa94af4 Set labels on containers managed by docker-cmd 2 years ago
  Steve Baker 2a230b2c6e Refactor docker invocation into function 2 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 4f6010da30 Implement start_order for containers 2 years ago
  Dan Prince 408c3f8642 Add exit_codes option to docker-cmd hook 2 years ago
  Dan Prince ccbfef9cb4 Fix: all containers are being set privileged 2 years ago
  Martin André 9ce538b6ff Prevent trailing whitespace in rendered JSON 2 years ago
  Dan Prince 1e87454039 Add 'exec' support to docker cmd 2 years ago
  Thomas Herve d802d177c7 Move elements at the top level 2 years ago