5 Commits (7b525d8eeb12973306ffb5283ea19558d6b7ff5d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
likui 7b525d8eeb Remove six 10 months ago
Steven Hardy e2f3df268d Expose error when a hook script raises an exception 3 years ago
Thomas Herve 25cd394bbe Add py3.5 support 5 years ago
Dan Prince 55a64be8a4 Add a hook to help write json files 5 years ago
Thomas Herve d802d177c7 Move elements at the top level 5 years ago
Dan Prince f227bd609a A hook which writes hiera datafiles. 5 years ago
Dan Prince 11f035abf9 A hook which invokes os-apply-config. 5 years ago
Pablo Caruana cc0b2ee68b Fix some typos 5 years ago
Steve Baker 898b9e87b5 Move deployed dir from /var/run to /var/lib 6 years ago
Steve Baker 6464023d4f Break out signalling heat-config-notify command 7 years ago
Steve Baker 9feca03029 Write each deployed config json to file 7 years ago
Steve Baker 3a830f7573 Fix file exists asserts 7 years ago
Steve Baker dba6e09776 Unit test of 55-heat-config 7 years ago