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Akihiro Motoki da64b10a7f translation: drop babel extractor definitions
babel extractors are now registered via python entry points,
so there is no need to declare babel extractors in babel configs.

This change is important to make translation work in Django 2.2.
django-babel does not work with Django 2.2 and looks unmaintained
for over two years. The horizon team is thinking to switch the extractor
to enmerkar (a fork of django-babel) to make extraction of translation
string work again near future. It is important to drop the extractor
definition to make the transition smooth.

Change-Id: I3ad5d99ec9341dc17463391ace04701efed6fa5a
2019-12-27 02:02:58 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita e63ec107c5 add initial files. 2017-10-06 14:46:17 +09:00